EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Guide – Everything You Need to Know


The EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers promo is an event introduced by EA Sports to celebrate football players who have showcased exceptional skills.

After the success of the Conmebol Libertadores event, the Rulebreakers promo has become a game-changer in the fast-paced world of EA FC Mobile. By adding an exciting new chapter, a new Pass, and several quests, EA Sports has created a gaming experience that goes beyond what was expected. The promotion will run until November 30, 2023, so fans are in for a thrilling ride. Check out your game settings and start the fun.

Rulebreakers poster
Rulebreakers poster

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Guide

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers isn’t just another promo; it’s a tribute to football players who’ve defied conventions, showcasing their prowess while out of their conventional positions. To navigate this virtual celebration, gamers need to complete four distinct training sessions outlined in the Training Plan Chapter, accumulating Rulebreakers points to unlock featured players.

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Training Sessions and Rewards

Skill Game 1: Passing Two on One

  • Rewards: 1000 Coins, five Rulebreakers Points, and 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points.

Skill Game 2: Box Shapes

  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, five Rulebreakers Points, and 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points.

Skill Game 3: Cones and Cutouts

  • Rewards: 2000 Coins, 10 Rulebreakers Points, and 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points.

Match: Play against 85 OVR Real Madrid

  • Rewards: 2500 Coins, 20 Rulebreakers Points, and 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points.

Rulebreakers Points and Strategy

Collecting EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Points is very important, and players can use their Coins to do it. 80,000 Coins will get you one point. This smart use of in-game currency adds to the fun and gives players who want to get the most Rulebreakers Points a more nuanced way to do it.

90 OVR Rulebreaker Players

The Rulebreakers promo features three exceptional players, each boasting a distinctive rulebreaking attribute:

  • Shooting: Serhou Guirassy (Striker)
  • Pace: Nemanja Matic (Central Midfielder)
  • Defending: Nathan Ake (Left-Back)

These 90 OVR players aren’t just rare; they hold the key to triumph in Division Rivals matches, elevating gamers’ gameplay and strategies.

Shooting, pace, defending
Shooting, pace, defending

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Rewards 

The EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers promo offers a plethora of enticing items for gamers to claim using their hard-earned Rulebreakers Points:

  • 90 OVR Rulebreaker Featured Player

Cost: 200 Rulebreakers Points (Choose one from the three players).

  • Variable Coin Amounts up to 1.4 million

Cost: 20 Rulebreakers Points (Limited to a single claim).

  • 1000 Gems

Cost: 35 Rulebreakers Points (Limited to a single claim).

  • 80-95 OVR Mixed Version Player

Cost: 40 Rulebreakers Points (Limited to a single claim).

  • 81 OVR Universal Rank Player (Jerzy Dudek)

Cost: 100 Rulebreakers Points (Limited to five claims).

  • 91 OVR Universal Rank Player (Javier Mascherano)

Cost: 200 Rulebreakers Points (Limited to three claims).

  • Exchange Center Reward: 87 OVR LB Alejandro Balde card

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Pass 

The EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Pass, which is like the seasonal Star Pass 2, changes everything in the first part of the Rulebreakers event. The pass is split into paid and free sections, and those who choose to spend ₹899 or the equivalent can get a lot of benefits. Here’s a sneak peek at the ranked rewards that EA FC Mobile players can look forward to:

  • Rank 1: 100k EA FC Coins
  • Rank 2, 6, 9, 11: 3x Random 65-72 OVR players
  • Rank 3: 30k EA FC Coins
  • Rank 4: 350 Gems
  • Rank 5 and 26: Random 80-89 OVR Rulebreakers card
  • Rank 7: 40k EA FC Coins
  • Rank 8 and 21: Pass Points x30
  • Rank 10: Rulebreakers Logo Premium
  • Rank 12 and 22: 60k EA FC Coins
  • Rank 13: 300x EA FC Points
  • Rank 14, 17, 19, and 24: 5x Random 65-72 OVR players
  • Rank 15 and 29: Random 85-94 OVR Rulebreakers card
  • Rank 16: 60k EA FC Coins
  • Rank 18: 300x EA FC Points
  • Rank 20: 81 OVR GK Universal Jerzy Dudek
  • Rank 23: 450 Gems
  • Rank 25: 91 OVR CDM Universal Javier Mascherano
  • Rank 27: Pass Points x40
  • Rank 28: 500 Gems
  • Rank 30: 91 OVR CM Rulebreakers Toni Kroos

Free Section Rewards

If you don’t want to buy the Rulebreakers Pass, the free section still has rewards that are worth it, though not as many or as well as the paid section. In the free section, players can find gems, a random 85–94 OVR Rulebreakers card, two 81 OVR GK Universal Jerzy Dudek cards, and the Rulebreakers logo. Use the best mods and cheats in the game.

Rulebreakers Pass Points

Unlocking the full potential of the Rulebreakers Pass necessitates the accumulation of Pass Points. EA Sports introduces a series of quests in the Rulebreakers Quests section, each rewarding gamers upon completion. Here’s a breakdown of the missions in this chapter:

  • Break the Rule: Swap one Rulebreaker Player to the Starting XI.
  • Back to Basics: Rank up any player twice.
  • Open the Pack: Open seven Rulebreakers packs.
  • Use your Head: Score 20 headers in any mode.
  • Get your Kicks In: Play 40 matches.
  • Helping Hand: Complete 50 assists in any mode.
  • Get In The Way: Complete 50 tackles in any mode.

Completing these quests not only earns gamers 1000 Pass points but also guarantees additional rewards, including a Break Rule animated logo and 50 Rulebreakers Points.


Training plan
Training plan

To master the Rulebreakers promo in EA FC Mobile, you need to plan ahead, finish training sessions quickly, and use your Rulebreakers Points wisely. Getting the highly sought-after 90 OVR players can make your gaming experience much better and help you do well in Division Rivals matches. There are a lot of rewards waiting for you if you can win the Rulebreakers promo and leave your mark on the virtual football field.

With a lot of new features, EA Sports hopes to get experienced players to play the game again. The EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers promo shows that EA FC Mobile is dedicated to giving gamers fun and amazing experiences.


What are the key components of the Rulebreakers Pass?

The Rulebreakers Pass is divided into two categories – paid and free. The paid section, priced at ₹899 or its equivalent currency, offers a range of ranked rewards, including coins, players, gems, and exclusive cards. The free section provides reduced but still enticing rewards for those not opting for the paid pass.

How can Rulebreakers Pass Points be earned in EA FC Mobile?

Rulebreakers Pass Points can be earned by completing quests in the Rulebreakers Quests section. These quests include tasks like swapping a Rulebreaker Player to the Starting XI, ranking up players, opening Rulebreakers packs, scoring headers, playing matches, completing assists, and making tackles.

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