Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Release Date, New Quests, Leaks, and More


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Destiny 2 is once again preparing for a new season. This time it’s the Season of the Deep, also known as Destiny 2 Season 21. The new season is set to bring in a fresh story, exciting new content, and significant changes to the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. It includes its release date, new features, and leaks.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Leaks

There have been some leaks and rumors circulating about the upcoming Season 21 of Destiny 2. The season is titled “Season of the Deep,” which gives us a pretty big clue as to what to expect. Although Bungie has not yet confirmed this, it appears that the focus of the season will be on Titan. There have been several hints pointing towards the Saturn moon. It includes the season’s name and direct references made during the Vexcalibur exotic mission.

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Adding to this, recent leaks related to the new dungeon suggest that it will be set on Titan. Given all these clues and leaks, it would be highly surprising if Titan doesn’t make a comeback in the Season of the Deep.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Release Date 

The Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is expected to release around May 23, 2023. The release date is roughly three months after the end of Season 20: Season of Defiance. It is set to conclude on May 22. While the date is not yet confirmed, it’s safe to assume that the new season will launch shortly after the end of the previous one, likely in late May or early June.

New Content in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

Like all new seasons, Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is set to introduce exciting new content. The season will have its own seasonal story quest. It will unravel over several weeks as players progress through the game. This quest will tie into the new seasonal battlegrounds, which is a game mode connected to the seasonal story.

One confirmed new quest is set to take players back to Neomuna, revealing the true nature of the Veil. Completing this quest will grant players a third Aspect for their Strand subclasses, such as Threaded Storm (Hunter), Flechette Storm (Titan), and the Wanderer (Warlock). Players will also receive a new legendary hand cannon upon completion of this quest.

In addition, Bungie has confirmed that a new dungeon is coming during Season of the Deep. Rumors and leaks have hinted at what to expect from the new dungeon. We will have to wait until the season’s launch to find out more.

New Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

A new Trials of Osiris weapon, the Unexpected Resurgence, is rumored to be arriving as part of the Season of the Deep. According to leaked information, the Unexpected Resurgence is an Arc Adaptive Glaive. Additionally, players can expect a variety of new weapons with a new Origin Trait called “Restoration Ritual.” This trait will reload the weapon and prepare an “emergency reload” when Guardians revive enemies or use finishers.

Updates to Trials of Osiris Passages and Flawless Triumph Requirements

The developers of Destiny 2 have announced that updates are coming to Trials of Osiris passages, as well as new Flawless Triumph requirements. The changes aim to improve the gameplay experience and keep things fresh for players.

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Balance changes

Bungie has recently announced some significant changes coming to subclasses, particularly with regards to aspects and supers in the upcoming Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. As per the Bungie blog post, all aspects in the game that previously had only one fragment slot will now have two. It should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that there won’t be aspects with one fragment slot in the future. This change will only apply to the aspects that currently exist in the game.

Moreover, there will be some sweeping changes made to supers, particularly roaming supers, which will affect how they perform in high-level PvE content. Specifically, Hunters will see improvements made to Golden Gun, Arc Staff, and Spectral Blades, Warlocks will get better results from both Voidwalker, both Stormcaller, and Winter’s Wrath supers, and Titans will also see buffs to their Fists of Havoc, Sentinel Shield, Glacial Quake, and both Solar supers.

It has been noted by many fans that the roaming supers of the Strand subclasses have been particularly potent, and it seems that this was intentional. Bungie had already noticed that the roaming supers were lagging behind, and they used the Strand supers to test the waters. Given that they have performed well, Season 21 will be the chance to bring other supers up to similar power levels.

Season of the Deep
Season of the Deep
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With the Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 is set to continue its exciting journey towards the Final Shape. As always, the new season will bring in fresh content and exciting new features that players can look forward to. While the exact details of the Season of the Deep are yet to be fully revealed, it’s clear that the game is set to continue its tradition of delivering exciting and engaging content to players. So, get ready to dive deep into the mysteries of Titan and explore the new season when it arrives in late May or early June.

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