Destiny 2 Legendary Shards Farming Guide – Fastest Ways


Learn how to farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 with this guide that covers all the steps for an easy method of farming. Bungie has a way of forcing you to spend all your Shards so you will always need some.

Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 are one of the basic currencies players can rely upon. There are many situations in the game that requires you to use this currency especially for obtaining an infusing gear, It can be easy at first by running slowly. Many players stock up on the Legendary Shards in case of any emergencies. So, if you still haven’t stocked up your Legendary Shards it’s high time.

In case you are wondering why you would have to spend a lot of time collecting these Shards and it won’t be possible, don’t worry as there are other ways to stock up your Legendary Shards and we have listed them for you.

Destiny 2 Legendary Shards
Destiny 2 Legendary Shards Farming Guide - Fastest Ways 2

When you are farming Legendary Shards you should also keep in mind to farm some Enhancements Cores. They are also equally important to survive in the game alongside crafting weapons in the game.

So let’s begin farming the Legendary Shards before Bungie is here to make you spend all your Shards. Here are the steps.

How To Farm Infinite Legendary Shards in Destiny 2?

Follow all the steps below to farm endless numbers of legendary shards in Destiny 2. Be careful with every step and cross-check it.

  • Visit Rahool in the Tower
  • Purchase a large quantity of Baryon Bough (1 Legendary Shard cost) and exchange it for 10,000 Glimmer (cost 20 Baryon Bough)
  • Buy any blue components from the following armor sets: “Midnight Oil Suit” (Titan), “Gumshoe Gumption Suit” (Hunter), and “Inspector’s Suit” under the Armor tab (Warlock)
  • Purchase as many components of the aforementioned armor sets as you can manage, then take them apart.
  • Each component you take apart will reward you with three legendary shards. You will receive 4 legendary shards after you reach the level to rank 20 in the season pass.
  • Repeat all the steps to get an endless number of legendary shards

This also helps you to level up your gunsmith ranks too.

Why do use Legendary Shards in Destiny 2?

Legendary shards can also be used for some of the best upgrade materials in the game when you’re not spending them to purchase exotic armor and weapons from Xur.

Take for example, if you want Ascendant Alloy, Enhancement Prisms, Enhancement Cores (used to upgrade armor into higher levels of energy), or Enhancement Prisms (used to upgrade legendary gear into Masterworks), you’ll need a lot of legendary shards (used for weapon crafting).

This is all you have to do to farm unlimited Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 and stock it up for your hard situations. Hope you found it useful.

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