Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation Mission Guide – Complete Walkthrough


Drifter has asked for your assistance with a delicate situation involving the House Salvation stealing one of his shipments in Destiny 2. Check out our complete guide with bonus tips and tricks for the Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation Mission.

Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation
Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation Mission Guide - Complete Walkthrough 4

Drifter has an important delivery to make for the Last City but seems like the situation is not in his favor as the House Salvation has interfered with who has hijacked one of his shipments. You are on a mission to search for stolen shipments. Drifter will be your guide throughout the way and later you even meet familiar faces.

Mission TypeSeason of Plunder
Mission LocationEuropa
RewardsSkeleton Key

How to unlock Salvage and Salvation Mission?

Salvage and Salvation Mission is the first mission you encounter during the Season of Plunder. This is an introduction to how the other events that will happen in the game and give the players an overall idea of what to expect from the other events of the game. As you complete this mission you know how interesting such missions are and what the latest season has to offer for its community. You can expect the concept and the gameplay of the upcoming missions n the game to have a similar theme.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objectives In Destiny 2

Look for the Stolen Cargo

You need to look for the stolen Cargo which has been stored by House Salvation at their location. You need to look for the shipment at Technocrat’s Iron on Europa.

When you arrive at Iron on Europa you have to go inside and follow the directions which will take you to the stolen cargo after a long journey. After you find the place steer clear of the facility security and cross over to the other side to reach the storage area.

Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation
Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation Mission Guide - Complete Walkthrough 5

Guard the Cargo

After reaching the cargo spot the House Salvation will be present at the place from who you will need to get away and then you proceed further

After you have fought your way through the enemies in the area head over to the cargo and secure the Cargo. As you find the cargo there will be an interaction with the spider and Drifter.

Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 1)

The interaction between Spider and Drifter is very brief. Drifter will use extortion to get hazard pay from Spider to convince him to get extra effort into rescuing him

Assist Spider’s Associates( Part 1)

As you follow the waypoint you will meet Spider’s associates Halsiks in the area and will have to fight with them to steer clear of House Salvation enemies.

Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 3)

As you keep following the waypoints you will spot the next teleporter and find a huge room, where you will find the main member of House Salvation Kelhaal.

Fight your way past them, descend the elevator indicated by a waypoint, and move through the area until it brings you to ground level.

Dethrone the captain

In order to move further you have to bring down the captain. When you reduce his one health bar he becomes invulnerable. Now you must eliminate the two Servitors in his vicinity.

He will retreat into the building’s outside after losing his second health bar, where you can continue to attack him. When the captain’s health drops another bar, more Servitors will appear nearby that you must kill in order to hurt him once again. After defeating the Servitors Keelhaal will be very vulnerable. At this time you can attack him continuously and defeat him once and for all.

 Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 4)

When you exit to the outer area, you will come in contact with the relics of the Stasis that once imprisoned Eramis and you will discover that hat the Witness has now let her go. After you leave the area to reach Spider’s Ketch, the mission will be accomplished.

These are the steps you will have to follow t complete the mission.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Rewards

image 2211
Destiny 2 Salvage and Salvation Mission Guide - Complete Walkthrough 6

As mentioned above this is just an introduction to what the Season Plunder is and how the other events would be. After completing this mission you will be rewarded with Skeleton Key, which is a season Artifact.

You and those on board have an adventure ahead of you now that everyone knows how Eramis escaped. You can play Destiny 2 now and find out for yourself who is responsible for the theft of the cargo as it holds a twist in the story.

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