Destiny 2 Excavation Site – A Complete Guide


We have brought you a complete guide about the Destiny 2 Excavation Site. Learn everything about it from our guide.

The Destiny 2 Excavation site is one of the lost sectors in the game. The time limit for this lost sector is 15 minutes. The recommended power is 1310 if you are moving on legend difficulty. Similarly, if you are on master difficulty, the recommended power is 1340. 

If you are on a lower level, then the enemies will easily defeat you and you will not be able to reach the main boss. Keep in mind that there is a difference between legend and master difficulty as everything will not be the same. Therefore, read our complete guide on the Destiny 2 excavation site below without wasting any time.

attack the enemies from a distance
Attack the enemies from a distance (YouTube)

Destiny 2 Excavation Site: Entrance and bridge

There will be a small group of Legionaries waiting for you when you first go to the entrance. Shooting the nearby explosive barrels is an easy way to get rid of them. As soon as you’ve done this, The Unstoppable Incendior will be your next target.

It’s a good idea to stun the Champion right away if you want to take it down. Then, while the Legionaries are done, blow up an explosive barrel so that it takes the full impact of the damage. If the Incendior attacks, hide in a nook next to the Lost Sector exit barrier until the Champion’s attention is drawn away from you.

You will see a large number of Cabal sitting out on or behind the Bridge as soon as the previous barrier goes down. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is to focus on the smaller Cabal from a distance. Because of the number of grenades that will be thrown at you, trying to peek out of cover will lead to being bombarded whenever you do so.

You have to be aware as there can be new waves of the enemies too and this will also open the domed barrier around the boss area. You will have to be very quick in dealing with all the enemies and focus on the barrier. Furthermore, use the champion to clear out more enemies by using the explosive mods. This means that you will need explosive mods before you start. So, when you defeat enough enemies quickly, the boss dome will go down.

Destiny 2 Excavation Site gameplay
Destiny 2 Excavation Site gameplay (YouTube)

Destiny 2 Excavation Site: Boss area

Once the barrier is down, the remaining force will converge into the top portion of the Lost Sector. Now, there will be Nightmare Legionaries, and trust us, they will be very difficult to take down because they will have additional health. However, there will be a benefit for you when you take any one nightmare down. Once you do that, that nightmare will drop an orb of Unstable Essence. This orb will give you the ability to deal more damage. Therefore, it will help you to take down the other nightmares and even the lost sector boss. 

Be sure that you have defeated all the champions and unstoppable incendior from the previous area. This is because they can come back when you are up against the boss. The Incendior can come from the top and if you are on master then there will be two of them. Here, you will need mods like Sundering Blast or anything similar to it. 

Boss fight 

After you have eliminated all Champions, you can go up the slope on your right and quickly dispatch any Cabal surrounding Thrag, who will fire its solar gatling gun at you. There will only be one enemy in the Excavation Site equipped with a shield, and that enemy is Colossus. You can further increase your damage against Thrag by picking up any Unstable Essence by defeating a Nightmare enemy. 

Destiny 2 Excavation Site gameplay
Fighting with the boss (YouTube)

Breach and Clear should also be used to kill this boss quickly. To take down this boss more quickly, you can also use a finisher. After you defeat Thrag, take care of any stragglers or move to your reward cache to claim your loot. Excavation Site XII, like all other EDZ Lost Sectors, currently doesn’t have any triumphs for flawlessly clearing it, so you’re free to focus on a Platinum if you like.

Things to keep in mind

  • There will be more enemies on the bridge when you are on master difficulty. However, the process of defeating them will be the same. It’s just that it will be a bit difficult. 
  • There will be one additional Unstoppable Incendior and one additional Barrier Colossus on Master difficulty on the bridge.
  • There will be Legionaries and one Unstoppable Incendior at the Entrance.
  • You can use weapons like The number, sweet business, and devil’s ruin. 

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