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Thread Whip is one of the best skills for Black Clover M Vanessa. If you want to find the remaining skills, then scroll down and discover the best build for the SR mage.

Black Clover M, the turn-based gacha game has some mind-boggling stories based on the Anime series called Shonen Jump. Here, you have to play against demons in team-based battles. With the best Mage squads, you have to wipe out darkness and become the Wizard King. Black Clover M reroll gets you the best SSR characters for the starting stages of the age.

There are a plethora of boss battles, raids and PvP quests. You can swap your mages and use their skills to win battles. There are lots of activities to be done in the magical world. But this is only possible with the best characters in Black Clover Mobile. One has to support and heal, one has to deal damage and the rest will be primary attacking mages.

Black Clover M Vanessa
Black Clover M Vanessa

Vanessa is a top-rated support character in Black Clover Mobile. She’s a SR unit with high defense and hp. Vanessa Enoteca is a Sense type character who plays the role of support. Though Vanessa is mentioned as an attacker, you can play her as a healer or sub-dps. Vanessa’s kit includes some exceptional skills and these can be used to increase her ATK and MATK. Here, you can find the best skills for Black Clover M Vanessa.

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Black Clover M Vanessa Skills

Vanessa is an integral part of the Black Bulls squad. She’s a versatile mage and will be effective against Power-type characters. Here are the best abilities for Vanessa in Black Clover M, 

  • Thread Whip – This skill utilizes a Whip and whips targets. It deals increased damage and ACC level will be gradually increased as well. Use this skill to increase the Magic ATK for Vanessa
  • Thread Binding Magic – This special skill uses threads to bind companions and grants buffs to them for 2 rounds. The skill also increases Def and Endurance levels of Vanessa for 2 turns. Also, the Dispel DoT will be increased by 10%
  • Guiding Thread – The special ability provides buffs to every ally using thread. It also applies the Blessing of Protection budd to allies for 2 rounds
  • United Attack – Use this ability with Finral and increase your damage. 
  • Combined Attack – Use a skill with allies and increase your damage. Combined Attack grants Defense Penetration buff to your squad members

These are the best starting skills for Black Clover M Vanessa. Once you progress in the campaign, new skills and talents will be added to Vanessa’s kit. Vanessa will be an ideal support unit and she can be paired with attacking units like Asta, Jack, Julie and Yami.

Vanessa doesn’t deal heavy damage, but her Magical skills enhance her atk and def. Vanessa is one of the strongest SR characters to start in Black Clover M. With these skills, you can form the best Vanessa build in Black Clover M. 

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That’s everything you need to know about getting the best build for Vanessa in Black Clover M. Kickstart your journey in the magical world with our combat guide.

Who is the best partner for Vanessa in Black Clover Mobile?

Vanessa is a support mage. She can be paired with top-tier attackers like Rhya, Noelle and Julius. These three make the best team comps for Vanessa. Also, you can add the best healer from Black Clover Mobile to complete the strongest party.

How to summon the strongest characters in Black Clover M Season 3?

You have to complete the reroll in Black Clover M before summoning the best SSR characters. There will be a couple of small tasks in tutorials. You can play as a guest, complete tutorial quests and then pull the best characters. Once you are satisfied, then you can link your official accounts in Black Clover M.

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