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This guide covers the best tactics for Black Clover M William. We will give you the best build for this character so that you can be the best.

The anime series that served as the game’s inspiration gave rise to a broad cast of characters in Black Clover M William Vangeance is one of them; using the game’s integrated gacha features, you can roll for this support character with a comparatively high rarity. Here’s how you build him, if you’re fortunate enough to have him!

Captain of the renowned firm “Golden Dawn,” which is regarded as the best of all. Despite his enigmatic aura, he has won the respect of every one of his soldiers and is a strong contender to succeed Mage Emperor. Raised by an heirless household, he was a bastard of the nobility.

Unfortunately, he had a bad recollection of being mistreated by his stepmother-in-law. He was invited to become a Knight-Mage after meeting Julius, and he agreed.

Black Clover M William Overview

William, as previously mentioned, is a support player whose primary duty is to watch from the sidelines while continuously providing his teammates with various forms of support. Black Clover M William has the following supplies in his kit:

Twisted Roots: Deals a single target minor damage and has a one-turn disablement probability.

The Beating of the Magic Tree – An ally’s attack and speed are increased for two rounds by The Beating of the Magic Tree, which also has the potential to add more stamina to the user.

Magic Tree Arrival: All allies receive Fortify, which momentarily lowers the amount of damage they take from all sources. A single counterattack turn is awarded to the teammate who launches the strongest attack.

Combined Attack: William and his teammate will receive additional Defense Piercing in addition to striking.

Black Clover M William signature The Captain’s Condemnation skill is perfect. It will give his second talent, which targets the team member with the lowest HP at the moment, a healing component.

It is also quite effective against adversaries who concentrate a lot on crowd control, as it offers one turn of debuff immunity to every ally targeted by The Beating of the Magic Tree.

If you don’t have it, you can either use the Cunning Commander or Moonlight Necklace, the latter of which is preferable in terms of survival.

Black Clover M William Passive

  • Enhanced Passive:
  • After suffering damage, there is a 30% chance to award 10% [Increased Mobility].
  • Unique Passive: 
  • Upon utilizing a [Special Skill], all allies receive 5% [Fortify] for one turn or more.
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William’s Stats Overview

Black Clover M William Team Compositions

The best teams for William Vangeance are as follows:

  • Mars + William Vangeance + Charlotte Roselei + Asta (Clover Academy)
  • Mars + Mimosa + Yami Sukehiro + William Vangeance (Clover Academy)
  • William Vangeance + Licht + Lotus Whomalt + Yami Sukehiro
  • Mars + William Vangeance + Rhya + Rill Boismortier + Rades Spirito Asta (Clover Academy) + Mars

What class is William?

William is a support class character in Black Clover M

Is the combat accessible for newcomers?

The learning curve is high in Black Clover M but the combat is very accessible for beginners

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