Black Clover M Asta Guide- Best tactics


Are you playing with the main Black Clover M Asta character? Well, then you will have to know everything about him from this guide.

Asta is a character that is based on ATK and has several damage boosts in his arsenal. This is a Black Clover M Asta guide. He is an excellent single-target damage dealer all around. Because of this, he is among the best characters to take on bosses or tasks that involve one or two adversaries. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating Asta.

Black Clover M Best Asta Build
Black Clover M Asta Art

Black Clover M Asta Skills

Cross Slash [Skill 1]

  • Deals damage to an opponent by striking them with both the Demon-Dweller and Demon-Slayer swords.
  • There is a 50% chance to deal a [Extra Attack] that deals damage equivalent to 70% of ATK if there is an active [Buff].
  • Gives out 2% [More DMG Dealt]. (Up to five stacks).
  • Launches a follow-up attack on the intended target.
  • Enhanced Damage does extra damage.

Wild Dance [Skill 2]

  • Deals damage to an opponent by slashing them with the Demon-Dweller and Demon-Slayer swords.
  • Attacks after receiving [Enhanced ATK Lv.1].
  • 20% [Increased Mobility] is granted with an 80% chance.
  • Attack increased by 42% with an increase in ATK Lv. 1.
  • Enhanced Vitality gives a set boost to stamina.

Accelerated Assault [Special Skill]

  • Uses two swords to strike an adversary with great force and deal damage.
  • When an enemy’s HP reaches 80% or above, it bestows a [Extra Turn].
  • After awarding 30% [Increased DMG Dealt], attacks a boss.
  • Extra Turn: After your turn has ended, you are able to take one more turn.
  • Enhanced Damage damages more than before.

Combine ATK:

  • Attacks an adversary by combining forces with a partnered mage to do harm.
  • Attacks following the removal of the enemy’s [Barrier].
  • Removes a barrier by dispelling it.
Black Clover M Asta
Black Clover M Asta Overview

Black Clover M Asta Passives

Enhanced Passive 

At the beginning of a wave,  grants 12% [Increased ATK] for one turn or more.

Unique Passive

 At the beginning of every turn, grants 4% [Increased ATK]. (Irreversible, stacks up to three times).

Talents Breakdown

Red talent:

  • ATK increased by 7%
  • Damage dealt 5%
  • Crit values for Mid slot

Blue talent

  • DEF increased by 20%
  • Iron will or endurance

Green Talent

  • SP +1 buff if less than 2 SP(s) at beginning of turn
  • DMG RES increased by 10%
  • Speed for Mid slot
blackcloverm astamenu
Black Clover M Asta skills

Black Clover M Asta Team Tactics

Team compositions

Take into account the following lineups to accentuate Asta’s advantages:

Team 1: William Vengeance, Asta (Black), Any Barrier (Rades Spirito), and Noelle [Summer] or double Barrier make up Team 1.

Team 2: Rades Spirito or S1 Noelle, Witch Queen, Asta (Black), and A Speed Unit (Valtos).

Team 3: Rades Spirito, Charlotte, Julius, and Asta (Black) for a well-rounded strategy.

Try out different combinations of these teams to see which one best suits your playstyle and makes Asta a more potent DPS option.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to unleash Asta’s (Black) full potential and dominate matches with well-thought-out skill selections, ideal equipment, skillfully created talents, and cohesive team compositions. With Asta as your strong ally, you may step up your gameplay and guide your team to victory!

Is this game based on the anime?

Yes, this game is a licensed property based on the anime Black Clover

Is the combat accessible to newcomers?

Yes, even though the combat takes a while to learn, it is very accessible to newcomers

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