Black Clover M Rhya Guide – Best Build


The ideal build for Black Clover M Rhya, along with his abilities and talents, will all be covered in this article!

If you do come across Rhya’s banner, he’s a fantastic character to take up. When it comes to PvE and PvP single-target damage dealers, there are certainly better options, but Rhya stands out for his use of [Extra Attacks] and makes an excellent bosser. If you already possess him, building him is worthwhile!

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Who is Black Clover M Rhya?

Rhya is one of Sephirah’s ten Apostles and an elf. He is reborn as a human and becomes a part of the Third Eye of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Rhya is a young man with black hair and white hair patches on his left cheek, where he has a red tattoo. A third eye sits in the centre of his forehead, hidden beneath his hair.

Rhya is a laid-back and generally lazy person, but she will fight—even if it’s against her will—to defend an ally. Despite running from a fight to re-seal his power, he cares deeply for Patolli and appears to be the most composed of the Third Eye.

Black Clover M Rhya Skills:

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  • Copy Dark Magic “Continuous Slash”
    • Continuously performs a dark slash, dealing damage to all enemies.
      • If the self has a [Buff], performs an [Extra Attack], dealing damage equal to 30% of the self’s ATK and MATK to an enemy.


  • Copy Dark Magic “Gale Slash”
    • Slashes an enemy with a blade enhanced with Dark Magic, dealing damage.
      • Copies 2 of an enemy’s [Buff(s)].


  • Copy Dark Magic: “Dark Cloaked Lightless Slash”
    • Casts powerful Dark Magic attack, dealing damage to an enemy.
      • If or more active [Buffs] are present, perform an [Extra Attack] on an enemy, dealing 70% of ATK and MATK as extra damage.
      • Attacks after granting 15% [Increased DMG Dealt] for each active [Buff] present.


  • Combined Attack
    • Performs a combined attack with a partnered mage, dealing damage to all enemies.
      • If the self has a [Buff], attacks after granting 15% [Increased DMG Dealt].

Black Clover M Rhya Gear Sets:

Black Clover M Rhya
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  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: MATK

CRIT Rate Set

  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: MATK


  • 2-Piece
  • Main Stats: MATK

Rhya Talents

Attack Talents:

  • Increased MATK – [MATK] +7%
  • Battle Frenzy – Grants 2.5% [Increased CRIT Rate] at the start of a wave. (Stacks up to 5 times)

Defence Talents:

  • Increased DEF – [DEF] +20%
  • Endurance – Grants [DEF] +4% and [CRIT RES] +2% at the start of a wave. (Stacks up to 5 times.)

Support Talents:

  • Mage’s Blessing – 20% chance to grant a [Reduced Skill II’s Cooldown by 1 Turn] buff at the start of a turn.
  • Increased ACC and PEN – [ACC] +5% & [PEN] +5%

Black Clover M Rhya Skill Set

Top SSR Picks

Insincere Man

  • At the start of the turn, if at least 3 Buffs are affecting you, gain 30/62% [Increased Accuracy] for 1 turn.

The Captain’s Dignity

  • Applies 2.5/4.5% [Increased CRIT] at the end of an ally’s turn. (Stacks up to 5 times)

Breath of Darkness

  • Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.

Rhya Best Skills

Rhya, being an Attacker character, has a good selection to choose from. Although his signature is the best by far, the other options are also quite good. These are all of Black Clover M Rhya’s most useful skill pages!

Sea Serpent’s Pride

  • Applies 7/15% [Increased CRIT Rate] to yourself.

Mysterious Ancient Book

  • Applies 7/12% [Increased Damage] to yourself.

Try out different lineups to determine which one best fits your playstyle and makes the most of Rhya’s special abilities. By following this guide, you’ll arm Rhya with the appropriate abilities, talents, and equipment and put together teams that enhance his strengths. Rule the battlefield in Black Clover M Rhya as your main player!

What happened to Rhya Black Clover?

After the wedding, the human royals enact the Massacre of the Elf Tribe. Five centuries later, Patolli reincarnates Rhya in the body of a human and makes him one of the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s Third Eye, with Vetto and Fana.

Who defeated Rhya Black Clover?

Mereoleona easily breaks the sword, and comments about how Rhya could not truly copy all of Asta’s abilities. Rhya notices that Mereoleona is capable of fully controlling the mana that is all around her. 

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