Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid Guide



Defeating the Plaitchidna boss in Black Clover M can be tricky. So, learn the best counters and tricks from our Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid guide.

In Black Clover M, you have to overcome mighty boss fights in each chapter. To eliminate the dark force out of the Kingdom, mages have to work together and complete quests and challenges. Boss fights take place in dungeons and biomes. The new event in Black Clover Mobile features a raid against the dangerous creature, Plaitchidna.

Players have to defeat Black Clover M Plaitchidna to progress in this raid event. There are many stages against Plaitchidna and the difficulty level for each stage keeps increasing. There will be two phases in each stage and you have to deploy two different teams to tackle Plaitchidna in this mighty boss raid. Each phase 3 waves and you can boost mages’ skills and stamina before the battle against Plaitchidna.

Plaitchidna Raid is one of the most challenging tasks in the game. There are plenty of boss battles in Black Clover M and this challenge against Plaitchidna will be the real test for all knights. It’s essential to have the best SSR mages in your party. You can create 4 to 5 different teams for your party and select them during the boss raid. Here’s all about the Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid with the best strategies and tricks.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid – Best Counters & Tips

Black Clover M Plaitchidna

Before you take part in the Black Clover M Plaitchidna battle raid, make sure to pick the best squad members to your party. Here are the recommended team combinations for Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid,

Team 1

  • Attacker – Yami
  • Supporter – Vanessa
  • Defender – Asta
  • Healer – Mimosa

Team 2

  • Attackers – Julius, Noelle
  • Debuffer – Lotus
  • Healer – Charmy

Team 3

  • Attacker – Noelle, Yami
  • Supporter – Valtos/Gauche
  • Healer – Mimosa

These 3 teams are highly recommended for the battle raid against Plaitchidna in Black Clover Mobile. Asta is one of the best defenders and these skills enhance his abilities. Also, you can swap your SSR units based on their maximum skill levels. Here’s how you can defeat the mega boss Plaitchidna,

Phase 1

In phase 1 you will start with your primary team against Plaitchidna. The boss inflicts heavy bleed damage. Plaitchidna also applies debuff and becomes immune to all attacks. Plaitchidna is a snake-like boss with three heads. The boss will unleash projectiles and launch heavy crystal balls to your mages. The key is to swap mages’ skills and stun it for a while. A supporter like Gauche will be a powerful addition to your party.

Plaitchidna succeeds in DoT and has many combos. The boss throws poison effects and you can counter it with your passive skills or talents. Start with a mage that has the low hp and this ensures other mages are not vulnerable. Keep swapping your skills and talents to negate Plaitchidna’s attacks.

Phase 2

In phase 2, you have to bring your new party. For this phase, Plaitchidna will throw more poison balls and inflict bleed effects as well. You can add a Healer like Mimosa to stay intact throughout the phase. The first 2 waves will be hard and Plaitchidna will unleash slam attacks. It will wide open its mouth and spit poison balls constantly. Plaitchidna will try to stun your mages with damage over time attacks, but you can block these in this phase.

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With attackers like Yami and Noelle, you can unleash charged attacks. Even magic and fire-type skills will be a good option to counter Plaitchidna in the last phase. Use your weapons and equipment and launch your attacks to knock down Plaitchidna and win the battle. Continue with your strategies and eliminate Plaitchidna. Once the boss loses stamina and HP, the raid will complete. After defeating Plaitchidna, you can collect some rewards like Fragments, Yul, Shards, Stamina, and Crystals.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Plaitchidna boss in Black Clover M. Also, learn the best combat techniques and dominate Black Clover M.

Is it Difficult to beat Black Clover M Plaitchidna?

Plaitchidna features in a new raid event in Black Clover M. This boss deals lethal damage and inflicts bleed attacks. So, you have to pick a strong squad that’s immune to bleed, poison and fire attacks. With the best mages and skills, you can beat the Plaitchidna raid easily.

How to Get the Best Characters in Black Clover M Season 3?

You have to complete the reroll in Black Clover M before summoning the best SSR characters. There will be a couple of small tasks in tutorials. You can play as a guest, complete tutorial quests and then pull the best characters. Once you are satisfied, then you can link your official accounts in Black Clover M.

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