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Want to get the best build for Black Clover M Mars? Then, discover the best skills, talents and special abilities for the Defender here.

Unlocking the strongest mages in Black Clover M gives an advantage in combat. To overcome demons in the kingdom, mages have to enhance their skills and magic. In Black Clover Mobile, a party has 4 members. Be it SSR, SR or LR mages, your team comps needs all types of units. Having a Defender like Mars will strengthen your squad and you can utilize his skills with the best attackers in the game.

Mars belongs to the Diamond Squad. He’s a Technique-type mage. Mars is a Legendary Rare mage and with more upgrades, you can transform him as a powerful SSR. Mars’ kit has some magical abilities and support talents. These will get the best build for Mars. Here’s all about Black Clover M Mars and the best skills for the legendary mage.

Black Clover M Mars Guide – Best Skills & Talents

Mars’ Atk and Def are great. His only weakness is magic. But you can utilize the best skills, talents and gears to maximize his magical abilities. Here are all skills and talents that can be used to form the best build for Black Clover M Mars,

Mineral Fragment 

This is the basic skill for Mars in Black Clover Mobile. Once the skill is activated, it shoots a sharp mineral fragment to front row enemies and deals heavy damage. It applies the taunt effects and this works for the first round. Mineral fragment increases Mars’ defense rate by providing a buff for 2 turn(s). With each upgrade, Mars’ defense and matk will increase.

Mineral Assault

Black Clover M Mars

This secondary skill focuses on reducing enemies’ defense level. Once it’s activated, it applies a debuff to targets for 2 turns and reduces their def by 60%. The skill applies Stun effects and negates enemy’s movements. While the skill is active, it raises ore from the ground and deals heavy magic damage to close-range enemies.


Laevateinn is the special ability for Mars. The skill grants a giant ore sword that slashes nearby targets. It applies fortify buff and reduces damage taken level by 30%.  Laevateinn increases both atk and matk by 20%. The skill inflicts an extended duration buff on enemies for a turn.

United Attack 

This skill traps enemies in a cloud of smoke. Once smoke effects are applied, it uses a giant ore sword to strike enemies. United Attack applies taunt effects to foes for a turn. It also applies another debuff to enemies and this reduces their mobility by 50% for 2 turn(s).

Combined Attack

Join with a mage and unleash a striking combined attack. Combined attack applies Stun status ailment effects on enemies and enemies will not be able to take action for a turn. Combined attack increases Mars’ matk by 30%.

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Unique Passive

Use this passive skill to apply debuff immunity for self and allies. The unique Passive will work for one round in combat and will be an ideal skill for Mars.

Enhanced Passive

The second passive skill reduces the damage taken level for Mars. It will grant a 20% Reduced DMG taken buff

Best Talents for Black Clover M Mars

Mars has a couple of talents. You can use Attack, Support and Defense talents based on his abilities. Also, learn these combat techniques and strategies.

  • Mage’s Blessing – This talent grants a buff at the start of combat and it reduces skills’ cooldown for a turn
  • Swiftness – Swiftness grants a skill point once your SP is less than 2. The swiftness ability will only work at the start of a battle
  • Increased DMG RES – The talent increases Damage Res by 10%
  • Increased Def –  Whenever Mars’ defense is poor, you can use this and gain a 20% extra def
  • Endurance –  Endurance grants both def and crit res boost at the start of a wave
  • Iron Will – Iron Will is a unique talent and this grants debuff immunity for a turn once Mars’ hp goes below 35%
  • Battle Frenzy – Battle Frenzy increases the Critical Rate for Mars
  • Sharp Mind – Sharp Mind is used to increase damage dealt
  • Increased ATK – ATK is increased by 7 %

Unleash the best build for Mars in Black Clover Mobile with these powerful skills and talents. Mars is a strong defender. Mars can be paired with strong attacking units like William, Lotus,  Julius, Asta and Yami. These make a powerful team comp for Mars in PvP battles. Lotus is a strong debuffer and you can use these skills for Lotus.

Which is the best skil for Black Clover M Asta?

In Black Clover M, Downward Strike is an excellent skill for Asta. This skill uses a demon-slayer sword and inflicts heavy damage to targets. Asta’s def and atk skills will increase as well. As Asta is a strong defender, you can utilize this skill to increase his damage stats.

Is Black Clover M Good?

Black Clover M is an intriguing fantasy RPG. The gacha game is all about exploring new worlds and fighting against hordes of bosses and creatures. Play as a Tank, Mage or Warrior, use skills and gear items to kickstart your campaign against strongest foes in the world

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