All Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations (2023)



Dive into the depths of Far Cry 5 and uncover the hidden prepper stash locations, containing valuable resources and essential tools for survival.

Far Cry 5 is an open world FPS from the team of Ubisoft and Ubisoft Toronto. The fifth series from the Far Cry franchise released amid huge buzz and anticipation from fans all over. Far Cry 5 storyline takes place in the fictional region Hope County, of Montana, United States. You play as junior deputy, Sheriff and your goal is to liberate people from Joseph Seed and Eden’s Gate. You have to work with all factions and officials to complete the project successfully.

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You can play as any character and customize using available costumes. There are new weapons, explosives, outfits, and more. Far Cry 5 unleashed more features for players. There are also many new ranged weapons and collectibles. With collectibles, you can increase a player’s stats and skills. 

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Prepper Stashes are new features. These are mini-quests and hidden caches that reward you with exclusive perks, weapons, bonus effects, armor, gear, money, supplies, ammo, and more equipment as well. Prepper Stashes are located across many regions. You can unlock them and earn rewards by completing some tasks and objectives. Here are all Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations in our guide that will help you unlock perks and money. 

How to Find all Prepper Stash Locations in Far Cry 5?

You can find Prepper Stashes across Holland Valley, Henbane River, Whitetail Mountains, and other locations of Hope County. All Prepper Stash locations in Far Cry 5 are here.

All Holland Valley Prepper Stashes

  • You can find one in Foxhole. Get to the Armstrong Residence and defeat some enemies. Find the bunker and then you can unlock the stash here
  • Next, you can travel to the Doverspike Compound. This is closer to the Davenport Farm and you can access to from the north
  • Of the Holland  Valley. Get inside the house and collect keys in the main hall. Next, you have to unlock the shed and get inside the room of the bunker. Turn the power on and use keycard to open the door and unlock the next stash here.
  • Get to the Grain Elevator in Vespiary. You can reach from the Holland Valley Station. Complete the puzzle, burn the hives, and run away with Stashes.
  • Travel to the Laurel House in Deep Dive. You can access this from Rye & Son’s Aviation. Get inside the house and look for clues to find the stash. Complete remaining objectives and you can find the stash underground after opening the shed.
  • To unlock the Man Cave stash, you can travel to Sunrise Threshing. This can be accessed from southeast of Fall’s End. You can spot the bunker near a garage. Get inside an unlock the stash
  • Get to the Bridge of Tears to find the Swingers Stash. Travel towards the east of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm to access this easily. Use Grappling Hook and get to other ends of the bridge to find the Stash here.
  • The Dumpster Diving stash is available in the Waste Treatment Facility. Get to nearby hills from Fall’s End. Use Grappling hook to cross platforms and you can clear other levels to find the Stash inside the door
  • The final Holland Valley Prepper Stash can be found in Fire in the Hole. Reach Orville Creek and look for clues near a rock. Travel towards the southwest of the Orville Creek and you should reach the waterfall. You can find the stash near the Wellington Residence tunnels. 

All Dutch’s Island Prepper Stashes

  • You can find the only stash in Sunken Funds, Dutch Island. Get to the Silver Lake Boathouse and find the Stash near the Hut

All Whitetail Mountains Prepper Stashes 

  • Gone Squatchin’ stash is located near Dansky Cabin. To reach here, you can travel towards the west of Clagett Bay and northwest of Langford Lake. Find the ledge, read the notes, and you can also use Grapple whenever required. Find the cabin and you can get the stash near the door
  • You can travel to Toothchapel and find the Highwaymen note. The objectives here are to find and burn the Wolverine’s nest. You will also find the key here. Loot the key and unlock the stash easily from the shed. This is the only Light ‘Em Up stash location
  • You can find the Mayday stash towards the north of Cedar Lake. You can find the stash on the map once you approach the location correctly. The exact location of Stashes is near cultists and plane wreck 
  • Unwelcome Guest stash is located in Frank’s Cabin towards the west of Langford Lake in Whitetail Mountains. Look for hints on the ground and once you spot bloodstains, you will also spot an entrance to a cave. You have to kill a bear and collect the keycard. Now, get back to the cabin and unlock the stash 
  • You can find the Hanger Pains stash in  Lansdowne Airstrip. Go towards northwest of Dutch’s Island and north of Clagett Bay. Find the note and climb up the radio tower. Next, you have to reach the roof of the hangar using a grappling hook. Complete the remaining objectives to unlock the stash here
  • The final Salvage Rites stash is located in Salvage Camp. You can go northwest of Dutch’s Island and east of Clagett Bay. Dive in the island and swim to find the wrecked plan. Collect the key, return to the shore, and you can unlock the green containers and lockbox to get the stash 
  • Cliffhanger stash is located northwest of Clagett Bay. You have to find a crashed truck and unlock it using the keys. The keys are found near waterfalls 

All Henbane River Prepper Stashes  

  • Side Effects Stash is in the Southeast of Hope County Jail at the Bright Warden Radon Spa. Get to the  entrance side of the mines and collect the notes. Know the objectives and finally you can collect the stash from the door towards the right side of the entrance
  • Getaway stash can be  found near the McCallough’s Garage. This is located east of the Hope County Jail.  You can find the stash note inside the station. Complete all objectives and unlock the stash from a car, 1973 Pygmalion SSR. You also need to unlock the locked garage door by finding keys that’s located at the backside near a boarded door 
  • Find the Pooper Scooper stash in a house at the Silver Lake Summer Camp. This can be tracked southwest of Drubman Marina and also from northwest of Peaches’ Taxidermy region. The stash is available in the second cabin and you also need to find keys inside the house. There will also be a dog inside. The dog has eaten a key and this has been done as a revenge against the cultists. You also need to interact with all faeces to unlock the keys.
  • The final stash here is The Angel’s Grave. Get to the eastern side of the Moonflower Trailer Park. You can also access this place and reach via the south of Rock Bass Lake at the Horned Serpent Cave.  Climb the steps and collect the notes. Use Grappling Hook and reach the hill top. Keep moving towards the cliff and get down once you find the Serpent’s Cave. Again, you have to move till you find a cavern. Avoid the toxic water as it may harm you. Now you can use the blue ropes and grapple effects to find the stash.

All these are the best locations to find Far Cry 5 Prepper Stashes in 2023. Prepper Stash always rewards players with plenty of bounty items and cash rewards as well.

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