Zenless Zone Zero – Everything we know so far


Here is everything you need to know about the new Hoyoverse game Zenless Zone Zero. Find out more about the new shooter game.

Given the success of Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse is turning its attention to the shooter genre, with various sources claiming that the upcoming title Zenless Zone Zero will be an ACGN (Anime Comic Game Novel) shooter. With open-world features and gacha game mechanics, the game will be similar to Hoyoverse’s other games such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd.

They’ve just launched a teaser website for the game, where users can read more about the universe and the game’s past. This new game will feature plenty of new content and a truly unique playstyle released by Hoyoverse so far. More information about this upcoming game can be found here.

Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

According to current information, the game will be a third-person shooter with an open environment to explore and loads of content to find. Hoyoverse is known for its combat and exploration, thus combining the two for a new game should work nicely. There isn’t much else known about the gameplay, although it will most likely include mobile gaming staples like an energy system and a gacha mechanic.

Fans can’t miss out on this fascinating shooter, which will combine elements from many of Hoyoverse’s current bestsellers under a new title. There will most likely be connections to prior games such as Honkai Impact, and given the quality of the games released thus far, it should be an excellent addition to their lineup.

Zenless Website
Zenless Website

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date and Platforms

Hoyoverse has not officially announced the release date for the new game. We expect to see some more information on 13th May. The game’s platforms are still unknown, but it’s probable that fans will be able to play it on both PC and mobile devices, as is typical for Hoyoverse games. Given the game’s categorization as a Triple-A release, it could possibly have a major platform release, similar to Genshin’s PS5 port.

The game appears to be set in a metropolis devastated by a sub-Hollow calamity. Players may be able to explore this open world and defeat the sub-hollow threat plaguing the city. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as HoYoverse officially shares additional information about it.

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