If you are facing problems and trying to be better in WoW Shadowlands, then you will need the WoW Shadowlands Guide which has the best tips for you.

After Battle for Azeroth, the eighth expansion pack for World of Warcraft focuses on Shadowlands, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In Shadowlands, players who reach level 120 will be reduced to level 50, with level 60 being their new level cap. 

As part of the “New Game+ experience”, newly created characters have a new starting point in an island called “Exile’s Reach.” To become the best and grow strong, you will need the WoW Shadowlands guide which has some of the best tips and tricks for you.


WoW Shadowlands Guide: Class Specialization

The use of specializations at level 10 allows you to further develop your character. In addition to having unique abilities that set your character apart from other characters, these diverging paths of your character’s class also give you the ability to change your specialization down the line if you want to get into what’s most effective.

WoW Shadowlands Guide: Chromie Time

You will level through the previous expansion, Battle for Azeroth, as a new player once you have completed the starting zone. After you reach level 50 on your first character, Shadowlands will be yours through the final 10 levels. In case you wish to experience any previous expansion from WoW’s history after reaching the level cap with your first character, Chromie Time is available for you on an alt.

WoW Shadowlands Guide: Covenant campaigns

It is possible to insert conduits into the “Forge of Bonds,” a system that enhances a player’s abilities and stats, throughout the Covenant campaigns. In addition, the Covenant campaigns introduced Renown, a progression system that rewards players for raising their Renown. At the launch of the game, Renown was 40, but with Chains of Domination, it was increased to 80. Players receive Renown for the Covenant of their choice for completing dungeons and raids on any difficulty.

Read everything

One thing that’s really recommended for new players is to read everything they’re given. A new player will find it confusing to blast through WoW’s story, and if they try to do everything as quickly as possible, they won’t learn anything about the world because WoW’s story is rich and deep.

Goblin Gliders are great

For those of you who don’t know how to throw yourself off tall places and survive, investing in a giant pile of gliders will give you the freedom to soar from one destination to another. Besides the lovely scenery, you may also find that you can travel a part of the zone on a single glider, traveling directly to where you need to go.


Consider your race carefully

The different traits of each race grant you boons in the world. The gnomes are able to escape speed-altering effects, the Trolls are able to kill beasts for more experience, and Blood Elves are able to dispel nearby enemies with their fantastically useful Arcane Torrent ability. When choosing your racial characteristics, be sure to consider how they might improve or hinder your progress.

Understand Torghast, Tower of the Damned

During the launch of Shadowlands, a rogue-like dungeon was introduced called Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Torghast is the center of the Shadowlands campaign. It introduced runecarving memories that can be added to items to enhance their strength. 

It takes Soul Ash, a currency you find while progressing through Torghast, along with an armor or jewelry piece that corresponds with your armor type in order to make these legendary items. The top levels of Torghast require players to take on challenging tasks in order to earn Soul Cinders, a second currency needed to craft legendary equipment of the utmost potency.

New and Veteran players

Players new to World of Warcraft will proceed to Battle for Azeroth after completing the Exile’s Reach beginning experience. The veteran players who create new characters can choose which expansion experience they want to complete until level 50, after which they are transferred to Shadowlands.

Level up quick

The best option for a new player to level up is to just go on quests, beginning at Exile’s Reach, moving on to the Battle for Azeroth plot, and finishing in Shadowlands. Leveling up is very important as you will grow stronger and that is very much required in the game.

Do not skip the side quests

You can get to level 60 in Shadowlands with relatively few side quests after Blizzard rebalanced leveling XP repeatedly. In truth, if you’re an Alliance and willing to risk war mode, you may not need any at all. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should ignore all those non-campaign quest hubs. Whether you do them before or after you hit 60 and finished the campaign, they’re worth doing.

It is possible to gain a reputation with the faction in that zone by completing side quests. Some unlock world quests as well, increasing the rewards available at max level. In some zones, key upgrades are available, while side quest chains provide most of the mounts, pets, toys, and ‘fun’ items awarded.


So this was the WoW Shadowlands Guide. Follow the tips and tricks carefully to have a better gaming experience.

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