Who was Paula Yates’ father? Who turned out to be her biological father after a DNA test?


Paula Yates was an English television presenter and writer, known for her lively personality and unconventional style. She began her career in the 1980s as a music journalist and TV host on the music show “The Tube”. Her unique style and quick wit soon earned her a devoted following, and she went on to host a variety of programs, including “The Big Breakfast” and “The Paula Yates Show”. Paula’s personal life also gained significant media attention, due in part to her relationships with Bob Geldof and Michael Hutchence, and the tragic deaths of both Hutchence and their daughter Peaches.

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Who was Paula Yates' father? Who turned out to be her biological father after a DNA test? 4

The Personal Life of Paula Yates: Showbiz Ties, Family Secrets, and High-Profile Relationships

Growing up in a showbiz family, Paula’s mother was none other than Elaine Smith, who used to be a showgirl actress and a writer of erotic novels from Blackpool. Elaine performed under the stage name Heller Toren. For years, Paula believed that Jess Yates, the famous host of ITV’s Stars on Sunday, was her biological father. However, in 1997, a DNA test revealed that her actual biological father was the late game show host Hughie Green.

Despite her successful TV career, Paula became more well-known for her romantic life. After meeting Bob Geldof, the charismatic frontman of the popular rock band, the Boomtown Rats, in 1976, the two eventually tied the knot in 1986. However, the couple’s marriage hit a rocky patch, leading to their separation in 1995. Soon after, Paula found love again in the arms of Michael Hutchence, the charming lead singer of the internationally renowned band, INXS.

While Paula’s family history and personal life may have garnered more attention, her own accomplishments as a television personality cannot be overlooked. Nonetheless, her upbringing in the entertainment industry and her relationships with famous musicians have undoubtedly added to her intriguing and captivating life story.

Meet Hughie Green: The Biological father of Paula Yates

Hughie Green was a British actor, presenter and producer, born in Marylebone, London on February 2, 1920. Although Green began his showbiz career as a child actor in Hollywood in 1935, his stardom in Britain truly began with the advent of commercial television in 1955. It was his game show “Double Your Money”, with a top prize of £1K, that first made him a household name. The show was the first of its kind in the UK and caused a sensation among viewers, propelling Green to maximum celebrity status. His brash and bold presentation style shocked audiences who had been accustomed to the more formal BBC approach to program-making.

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Green’s most enduring legacy, however, is the talent show he created and starred in, “Opportunity Knocks”. The show, which aired from 1956 to 1990, was a major hit and launched the careers of a host of famous entertainers, including Les Dawson. Green’s talent-spotting abilities were legendary, and he had a keen eye for up-and-coming stars.

Despite his many professional successes, Green’s personal life was troubled, with several failed marriages and a reputation for being difficult to work with. Nevertheless, his contributions to British television are undeniable, and his impact on the entertainment industry continues to be felt today.

“The Tragic Death of Paula Yates: A Fatal Heroin Overdose”

A television presenter and writer passed away on September 17, 2000, at her home in Notting Hill. She was 41 years old. Her death was caused by a heroin overdose, and it occurred on the same day as her daughter Pixie’s 10th birthday. The coroner who investigated her death determined that it was not a suicide, but rather a result of “foolish and incautious” behavior.

When Paula was found dead, she was in the company of her then-four-year-old daughter, Tiger Lily. During the inquest, a friend of Paula’s revealed that she had not taken illegal drugs for almost two years before her overdose. However, the amount of heroin she consumed was enough to cause her death, as she had a huge craving for the drug. The coroner, Paul Knapman, concluded that although the amount of heroin Paula had taken would not have killed an addict, it was enough to be fatal for an “unsophisticated taker of heroin” like Paula.

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Paula’s death was a tragic end to a life that had been marked by personal turmoil and tragedy. Her relationships with musicians Bob Geldof and Michael Hutchence, and the subsequent custody battle over their daughter, Tiger Lily, had been highly publicized. Despite these difficulties, Paula was a talented and well-liked presenter who had a successful career in television.

“The Tragic Family Life of Paula Yates: Children, Loss, and Grief”

Paula Yates had four children during her lifetime. Her first three children, Fifi, Peaches, and Pixie, were born during her marriage to Bob Geldof. Fifi Trixibelle Geldof was born in 1983, Peaches Geldof in 1989, and Pixie Geldof in 1990. After Paula’s marriage to Bob ended in 1996, she started a relationship with Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS. In 1996, they welcomed their daughter, Tiger Lily.

Sadly, Peaches Geldof passed away at the age of 25 from a heroin overdose in 2014, mirroring the tragic way in which her mother had died 14 years earlier. Bob Geldof has spoken publicly about the devastating impact of losing his daughter, stating that time does not heal the wounds of grief, but rather accommodates it.

Paula’s other children have also dealt with the loss of their mother and sister in their own ways. Fifi has pursued a career in fashion, while Pixie has become a successful model and musician. Tiger Lily, who was just four years old when her mother died, was adopted by Bob Geldof following the deaths of both her parents and has since stayed out of the public eye.

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