What is Scott Adkins’ role in John Wick 4, and is he really fat in the movie?


Scott Adkins will play Killa in John Wick 4 – is he really fat in the upcoming Keanu Reaves starrer?

Scott Adkins will be playing the role of Killa in John Wick 4. It is believed that John Wick and he have the same enemies, so he won’t be the main villain though he will play a significant role in the upcoming movie. Although not the most well-known actor in Hollywood, Scott Adkins has established himself as a specialist in the action film sector. His most well-known performance was in three Undisputed films as Yuri Boyka. He has, however, also appeared in the films The Expendables 2, Ip Man 4, and One Shot.

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What is Scott Adkins' role in John Wick 4, and is he really fat in the movie? 2

Adkins is renowned as one of Hollywood’s most ripped action performers and a gifted martial artist skilled in at least six different styles of combative art. We have seen him beasting in his workout videos on social media, so we know he is quite strict in his training method, particularly for his next films. He is so lean that it will be difficult to identify him in John Wick 4 since he will be donning a fake fat costume and fighting John Wick before John meets the real antagonist.

John Wick 4 release date and plot

On March 24, John Wick: Chapter 4 will be released, the fourth instalment of the John Wick series. This sequel to John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum will once again provide fans with the class action that the franchise is so well known for. A brand-new trailer has just been released that gives us a glimpse of what’s to come.

Due to the High Table turning against Wick and the Bowery King, it appears that war will break out between the two factions. Considering that The Bowery King has thousands of murderers in his arsenal, with homeless appearances scattered throughout the city, and that Wick is still grieving over losing his old partner Winston, collaboration is inevitable. The return of Reeves and Fishbourne to the screen will delight all Matrix fans, and John Wick 4 certainly delivers.

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