Decision to Leave – ending explained, cast, and is it available on Netflix?

All you need to know about crime drama Decision to Leave, its ending, cast, and all the related details.

Decision to Leave is about a police investigator, Jang Hae-Joon, who is looking into a case where a guy falls from a mountaintop. He was first drawn to his wife Song Seo-rae, while conducting the investigation. Still, shortly after, his eyesight was blurred by another murder case, and he couldn’t stop thinking about her even though she was living in another city because of work-related concerns.

Decision to Leave

Jang Hae-Joon observes her home and stakes it each night. In response to his increasing obsession, Song Seo-rae responds to his desire. With each passing day, he becomes more certain that she is not the murderer and settles the investigation. The past has made it easier for them to connect more sentimentally, but Jang Hae-Joon’s discovery pulls them apart. He moved to Ipo to live with his wife about a year later.

He now works in a police station that mostly deals with local drama and stolen items, dealing with relatively few high-profile crimes. He is exhausted and depressed. When a now-remarried Seo-rae shows up in Ipo, Jang Hae-Joon is again entangled in a web of lies and conflicting emotions.

What happened by the end of Decision to Leave?

Hae-Joon asks Sao-rae to stay and explain why he made such a well-designed plan after being horrified by the tale of Ho-murder. Now that Decision To Go has ended, Hae-Joon asks Sao-rae to stay and explain. Despite Shin’s explanations, the woman refuses to listen and runs toward the beach, determined not only to avoid being apprehended for the murder of Chul-mother Sung but also because she knew that if she vanished, Hae-Joon would not have been charged with tampering with evidence from the previous year’s case.

When she returned to Korea, she gave the inspector an old mobile phone as a token of their shared affection. When Sao-rae reaches the beach, she digs a large and shallow hole in the sand and crawls inside. After a few minutes have passed, the hole gradually fills up with water, drowning Sao-rae and covering her body with wet sand. Sao-rae paid the ultimate sacrifice to save them both from the severe consequences of a later conviction when He-Joon arrived at the beach.

He, however cannot locate the woman he loves since he is unable to locate the woman he loves. Sao-rae commits himself after realising that the truth will eventually surface and that Hae-Joon would be implicated in the inquiry due to his effort to remove historical evidence.

Is Decision to Leave available on Netflix?

Decision to Leave is currently only available in cinema theatres. On October 14th, 2022, a few American cinema theatres will screen Chan-most wook’s recent film in a limited release via MUBI. This streaming service has also entered the movie distribution business. Presently it is not available on Netflix.

Decision to Leave cast

Tang Wei is one of the actors in the South Korean film Decision to Leave, which also stars Park Hae-il, Lee Jung-hyun, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Yong-woo, Kim Shin-young, Jung Yi-seo, Jung Young-Sook, Yoo Seung-mok, Park Jeong-min, Seo Hyun-woo, Teo Yoo, Go Min-si, Lee Hak-joo, Jeong Ha-dam, Choi Dae-hoon, Joo In-young, Jung So-ri, and others.

The Choice to Leave staff comprises Script supervisor Lee Ja-hye, Production Designer Ryu Seong-hie, Music Director Jo Yeong-wook, Editor Kim Sang-bum, and Cinematography Kim Ji-yong.

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