If you are also wondering who Kuzan from One Piece is, here is everything to know about the Fishman of the anime series One Piece.

Kuzan is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates in One Piece. He was first introduced during the Marineford War Arc and plays an important role in the adventure of the seven seas of One Piece.

kuzan one piece
Kuzan in One Piece

Kuzan is a Fishman, a humanoid species with aquatic traits such as gills and webbed hands and feet. He is also known as the “Fishman Karate Expert” and is highly skilled in this martial art. Given that Kuzan has an important part to play in One Piece, here is everything that you ought to know about Kuzan in One Piece.

Kazan’s History in One Piece

kuzan one piece
Whitebeard Pirates in One Piece

Kuzan was born on Fishman Island, an underwater place where fishermen and merfolk live. As a young fishman, Kazan was trained in Fishman Karate by his father. He eventually became a powerful martial artist and joined the Whitebeard Pirates, one of the strongest pirate crews in the world of One Piece.

During the Marineford War, Kuzan fought alongside his fellow Whitebeard Pirates to rescue their captain, Edward Newgate (aka Whitebeard), who was captured by the Marines. Kazan’s Fishman Karate skills proved to be a valuable asset during the battle.

However, the war ended in tragedy as Whitebeard was killed and many other characters met their end. After the war, Kuzan returned to Fishman Island and helped rebuild it. In the current storyline of One Piece, Kazan has not made any major appearances.

However, it is hinted that he is still loyal to the Whitebeard Pirates and may appear in future arcs.

Spoilers about Kazan in One Piece

If you are yet to watch One Piece or haven’t reached the part where you get introduced to Kuzan, don’t move ahead, unless you are extremely curious to know everything about Kuzan, as this is his spoiler in One Pice.

Kuzan’s Power in One Piece

During the Marineford War, Kazan fought bravely alongside the other Whitebeard Pirates. He faced off against several powerful enemies, including Vice Admiral Ronse and Admiral Akainu. In his battle against Akainu, Kazan was injured and lost consciousness.

Later in the war, when the Whitebeard Pirates were facing defeat, Kazan and several other crew members stepped forward to protect their captain. They formed a human shield to prevent any further harm from coming to Whitebeard.

However, this act of bravery cost them their lives, as they were all killed by Admiral Akainu’s magma powers. Kazan’s death was a tragic moment in the series and showed the sacrifices that characters are willing to make for their comrades. Despite his limited appearances in the series, Kazan’s bravery and skill as a fighter has made him a fan-favorite among One Piece fans.

That is everything to know about Kuzan in One Piece.

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