Where to Find Flowberries in Fortnite Chapter 5??



Flowberries in Fortnite Chapter 5 are new quest items. So, discover the best ways to farm these fruits.

Fortnite season Underground is live now. New biomes and POIs have been added to the Chapter 5 map as the OG map has been removed. Fortnite Chapter 5 started with huge buzz and there have been numerous additions to the game. The Racing mode, Lego mode, Trains, Snow Biomes, powerful weapons and many more features ensure the latest season has begun well. 

There are new augments, consumables and quest items that spawn everywhere in islands. One of the new additions is Flowberries, a pink colored fruit. Berries are foraged items and common resources in Fortnite. Flowberries are the latest addition in season Underground and it provides temporary status effects to your squad.

Finding Flowberries is much easier as they spawn in all major locations and POIs. These small fruits can be highly effective for battles and weekly challenges . Having Flowberries can be handy as your defense gets boosted for a short time. Flowberries are not available as a quest reward, so you have to explore islands and find them. Here are the best ways to find Flowberries in Fortnite.

Best Ways to Farm Flowberries in Fortnite Chapter 5

Flowberries in Fortnite Chapter 5

Just like other consumables, you can get Flowberries easily. Here are the easiest ways to procure Flowberry fruits in Fortnite,

  • Find them as ground loot. All primary consumables in Fortnite spawn as floor loot. So, you can find Flowberries everywhere on the ground
  • Flowberries spawn inside treasure chests, containers, produce boxes
  • You can rarely  find Flowberries inside houses and buildings

These are the best ways to collect Flowberries in Fortnite. Flowberry grants temporary buffs to characters. Here’s how they work,

  • Flowberries recover small portion of you and your allies’ shields
  • Flowberries provide  temporary low-gravity status effects with fall damage immunity for 10 seconds

That’s how you can utilize the effects of Flowberries. So, eat Flowberries before you jump or fall from a high place. It also creates splash status effects within radius, so you can increase your shield stats while its effects are active.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding and using Flowberries in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Finding Baller Locations is essential to complete the latest kickstart quests and bonus goals.


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