What are Fortnite Floppers – All Types and How to Catch

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Discover the variety of Fortnite Floppers and reel in victory! Our guide explains each type and offers tactics to successfully catch these valuable items.

Fortnite has many features and activities. Fishing is a popular mechanic and you can find a variety of fish across islands. There are plenty of Fish variants and each fish grants different bonus effects. Floppers are one among many fish and players catch Floppers category fish to increase their health. On average, Floppers heal upto 40 and can be consumed in just a second. You can stack upto 4 Floppers fish in your inventory.

Floppers are found almost every Fortnite island and you can get them from Ice Boxes as well. There are different types of Floppers and they spawn in different locations on maps. Some Floppers are available in Legendary rarity and the rest are all only available in Rare. Here’s all about Fortnite Floppers along with their types and locations in the game.

Fortnite Floppers – Best Locations and Tips!

Just like Fortnite Animals, Fish have been useful as well. Fishing is a fun activity in Fortnite and you can simply use a Fishing Rod, Haroon Guns, Explosives, and more weapons you can obtain rare loot by fishing on holes. Here are all types of Floppers and locations,

Blue Floppers
  • Orange, Green and Blue Flopper – These are found in places everywhere with water and they spawn more likely in calm waters. Each of these fish heals 40 instantly and they are available in Rare species
  • Snowy Flopper – Found in all areas and can be trapped in a fishing hole as well in any body of water. You can find these types during winter and christmas seasons 
  • Vendetta Flopper – You can catch this anywhere, but you have to use Pro Fishing Rod Equipment
  • Midas Flopper – A legendary rarity fish that can even turn your AR weapons to Legendary weapons. You can find these types at The Ruins. They also rarely spawn at The Authority as well and you can use Pro Fishing Rod to trap them
  • Hop Floppers – These are rare species and can be found everywhere. You get 15 hp instantly
  • Stink Floppers – You can find them across all water spots. These types of fish grant over 35 hp instantly.

These are all the best Floppers to catch in Fortnite. If your primary requirement is boosting hp, then these fish can be a valuable addition. Some spawn rarely and some don’t. Try your luck out in all fishing locations of Fortnite.

That’s everything you need to know about catching Floppers in Fortnite. We will come back with more Fortnite Guides soon.


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