Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Yoru Valorant


Yoru is the mysterious trickster of Valorant, and he is very good at deceiving and leading people astray. But he needs more than just basic information to master his skills and reach his full potential.

Don’t worry, fellow agents. We’ve found some strange and wonderful Yoru Valorant tips and tricks that will help you move up faster than ever. Let’s go into the dark and find out how to be successful!

1. Fakeout Feints – Can Yoru’s Decoy be Used for More Than Just Confusing Enemies?

Yoru Valorant Decoy
Yoru Valorant Decoy

“Gatecrash,” Yoru’s decoy ability, is a strong way to confuse and distract foes. You already know this, but did you know you can use it to set up fakeout feints and trick your opponents? 

You can use “Gatecrash” in strange places or to copy your own moves and make enemies think you’re pulling from one direction when you’re actually coming from another. Mastering the fakeout move will help you stay ahead of your opponents and gain the upper hand in fights.

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2. Silent Steps – How to Use Yoru’s Footsteps to Your Advantage

The “Fakeout” ability of Yoru Valorant muffles the sound of his movements in addition to making audio decoys. But don’t just use “Fakeout” to hide your moves; use it carefully to throw off your opponents and set up sneaky plays. Make a path of decoy tracks that lead in one direction, and then sneak up on your enemies from behind. You can easily kill your opponents by keeping them on their toes and playing mind games with them.

3. Ultimate Deception – How to Use Yoru’s Dimensional Drift to Outmaneuver Your Opponents

Yoru Valorant Ultimate Ability
Yoru Valorant Ultimate Ability

“Dimensional Drift,” Yoru’s ultimate ability, lets him enter a realm different from the real world. For a short time, he is invisible and can’t be hurt. “Dimensional Drift” can help you get away or change positions, but you can also use it to trick your opponents and set up game-winning plays. 

You can use it to hide from enemies, find out where they are, or even sneak past their defenses to put the spike or get kills. You can change the course of the battle and help your team win by getting good at “Dimensional Drift,” which is the art of deceiving.

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4. Portal Plays – Can Yoru’s Teleport be Used for Sneaky Portal Plays?

“Blindside,” Yoru’s teleport ability, lets him make a portal between two places on the map. This lets him quickly move or sneak up on enemies. But don’t just use “Blindside” for basic turns. 

Instead, use it for clever portal plays that catch your opponents off guard. Make a portal behind enemy lines and then use it to flank enemies who aren’t paying attention or set up ambushes from areas they didn’t expect. If you learn how to use the link well, you can make the fight chaotic and help your team win.

5. Adaptability is Key – Why Yoru Valorant Players Should Always Stay Flexible

Teleport ability
Teleport ability

Yoru may be a master of deception, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to a rigid playstyle. In Valorant, adaptability is key, and Yoru Valorant players should always be ready to adjust their tactics to suit the situation. 

Whether it’s switching up your decoy placements mid-round or adapting your playstyle to match your team’s strategy, staying flexible and open-minded can help you stay one step ahead of your opponents and climb the ranks with ease.

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Though Yoru Valorant is tricky, you can use him to your advantage and rise through the ranks like never before if you know the right tips and tricks. So, fellow agents, go out into the world and use the power of lies and distractions to take over the fight with Yoru by your side. Having these strange and wonderful tips in your hands means you can do anything with Yoru Valorant.

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