Forget Viper & Brimstone! Valorant Clove Smokes Will Make You Unstoppable – New Valorant Agent 25


Valorant Clove is the latest character going to be released for the game in the upcoming season and it might change the Meta for players of Valorant.

Valorant has been around for a couple of years now and has gained huge popularity around the world due to its animated-style gameplay and amazing firefights. The developers of Valorant are famous for their other game i.e. League of Legends and they know how to balance characters and their abilities. The upcoming new Valorant Agent 25 is Valorant Agent Clove, a character surrounded by mystery and we are here to check out what this character gets to the game.

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Valorant Art

Valorant Clove Background, class and rumored abilities

Since this character is not released yet, we have some small leaks and theories about this upcoming character. It is confirmed that Valorant Clove will be a controller character and is non binary.

Kudos to the developers for diversity and inclusion in the game. The leaks also suggest that Clove has a Scottish background and a fun wacky attitude. The writers of this game seems like they worked really hard on this character to make it fun to play and appreciate.

As a controller agent, it is typical of Valorant Clove to lock down areas similar to other agents such as Viper and Brimstone. Viper is an agent with poisonous gas that can create a blanket and create chaos for opponents while Brimstone uses incendiary abilities and Sky smokes to disrupt vision of opponents. Since it is leaked that Clove has and aggressive playstyle, we should wait and see how this agent fits into the Meta.

Valorant Clove
Valorant Clove

Valorant Clove vs Other Controllers

The most famous controllers in the game are Viper and Brimstone. There are other controllers such as Omen, Astra, and Harbor. But when it comes to overall effectiveness, Viper and Brimstone take the cake. The smoke ability of Valorant Clove can be a game changer as it is a great way to disorient the vision and push aggressively. There is also a leak that Clove possesses a self-revive ability for last minute clutches.

There are a few other abilities that are not revealed yet but in time we can get a proper breakdown about how this agent translates into the game and affects the Meta. My thoughts on Clove’s abilities is that they are great at counter attacking while being disguised as a controller character.

Screenshot 2024 03 16 184946
Valorant Controller Agents

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What platform is Valorant available on?

Valorant is only available to play on the Windows

What genre is Valorant?

Valorant is a hero shooter/ tactical shooter similar to games such as Overwatch.

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