8 tips to help you increase your rank in Valorant


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Valorant is a direct competitor of CS GO, which not only adopted the main ideas from the project from Valve, but also proposed its own ideas and concepts that are already used in CS 2, for example, rethinking the economy of rounds, which allows reducing the total number of wins in a match from 16 to 13, just like in Valorant.

This is a dynamic shooter that quickly found its place in the eSports component and attracted many players from all over the world, including former players of CS 1.6, GO and 2.

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Main features of Valorant

You must not only fight in team-on-team matches, but also choose your unique agents with special and ultimate skills that can be accumulated through personal actions, or purchased in the store before the start of the round.

Valorant uses a ranking system that increases depending on your success or failure in matches, as well as personal actions, which are also taken into account along with team ones.

Let’s look at 8 ways to increase your rank, along with obvious and non-obvious options.

  1. Just buy a rating boost

If you play matches for a long time, do a lot of kills and useful actions, but lose matches due to the fact that Valorant is a team game, and you cannot win alone, then may be the best option for you.

You simply trust your character to professional players, and they pump up the rating to the desired level, then you simply change the password and burst into matches against equal opponents.

  1. Learn shooting technique and constantly improve it

To constantly progress and get Valorant rank boosting, you need to shoot accurately and be able to handle all types of weapons, because the economy will not always allow the optimal assault rifle and semi-automatic weapons, shotguns and pistols can come to the rescue.

You can play the Shooting Range mode, which will allow you to hone your shooting skills and warm up for the big match that determines the rating, or go to custom maps created within the community to gain new experience and become a better shooter in general.

The most important thing is to master three types of shooting:

  • Single fire, or one-tap, is a type of shooting that allows the player to quickly, using his reaction, aim precisely at the target and eliminate it with one shot.
  • Precision fire is a rapid series of shots of two or three bullets that will kill any target if at least two of them hit.
  • Spray – You switch to automatic fire and release all the bullets that you have to kill the enemy, it is important to understand the recoil of each weapon and be able to control it, otherwise all the bullets will fly into the sky, and you will simply die. Better start shooting range mode and practice.
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  1. Master the agent system and form a pool of your favorite characters

Each player has their favorite heroes, or rather their skills, which are much more effective in increasing their rating in Valorant.

Some people like Sage, who will always heal an ally, or even resurrect them and set up a wall that will block the movement of enemies until it is destroyed.

Some will choose Sova, a full-fledged reconnaissance character who can fire drones and arrows to track enemies even through walls and obstacles.

All heroes have their own specialty and team combination to achieve results, with the scout, healer and several attack classes distributing their forces to defeat the enemy team.

  1. Interact with the team

Players who cannot increase their Valorant rank boosting for a long time often communicate poorly with their team.

First, you need to combine the selected heroes so that there is a good balance of power between them, which can be used in the match for stable defense and attack in any conditions.

Secondly, you need to regularly exchange information with your team about the enemy’s movements, his plans and ideas, so that your squad can fully counter them and have complete information that will help win rounds.

Train on personal synergies between allies, such as Sage’s wall and Phoenix’s fire grenade, which will cover the enemy and burn through his health.

  1. Control the progress of the round

There is no need to run chaotically around the map, but should focus on the current phase of the match and if you are on the defensive, then you should distribute your forces to hold the spike installation points and be able to move other defenders to these places.

If you are playing on the attack, then your task is to check all the game points and hit the weakest point with the whole team and destroy the enemy team, using the opportunity to organize a numerical advantage.

  1. Control your economy

One of the best ways to ruin Valorant boosting is to not consider finances at all.

For each round, taking into account victory or defeat, you will receive money that can be spent on weapons and body armor, as well as replenishment of the hero’s unique skill.

If you have a series of defeats, you will not have enough money for a serious purchase and then the question will arise – do not buy anything and have a minimal chance of winning it, or buy and take risks, but if you lose, you will be one step closer to losing the entire match and will have to make up more complicated, so you need to remember that this is a risk and needs to be analyzed.

  1. Try to play often

Skill comes with experience and regular training, and if you constantly log into Valorant and play matches, then pretty soon you will notice that you shoot many more enemies in a fair duel only with the help of your skills.

  1. Try to play with the best

Playing against weak enemies and killing them without problems is the shortest way to degradation of personal skill and loss of rank in Valorant.

You need to play against the best and strongest enemies that you can find, because it is they who will impose the best on you and will teach you to act quickly and accurately, because the enemy will not forgive mistakes.

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