Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Viper Valorant


Viper is Valorant’s poisonous scientist, and he is very good at controlling areas and making plans. But she needs to know more about her abilities than just the basics in order to reach her full potential. Don’t worry, fellow agents. We’ve found some strange and wonderful Viper Valorant tips and tricks that will help you move up faster than ever. Let’s jump right in!

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1. Unorthodox Lineups – Are There Secret Spots to Maximize Viper’s Poisonous Potential?

Viper Valorant Lineups
Viper Valorant Lineups

You need to be very careful and strategically placed to use Viper’s abilities, but did you know that each map has hidden spots where you can set up unusual lineups that will catch your enemies off guard? Try different heights and angles to find new lineups that cover unexpected areas or block important chokepoints. Whether it’s a Poison Cloud or a sneaky Toxic Screen, learning these unusual lineups can give you the edge you need to take over the battlefield.

2. Fakeouts and Mind Games – How to Use Viper’s Decoy Tactics to Trick Your Opponents

Viper Valorant Tricks
Viper Valorant Tricks

With Viper’s abilities, you can do more than just damage. You can use them to control the game and trick your opponents. You can use her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to trick your enemies into thinking you’re going to one site when you’re really going to another, or you can use them to trick them into wasting utility on a fake. By leaving your opponents wondering and second-guessing, you can get the upper hand and help your team win.

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3. Toxic Combinations – Which Abilities Pair Best with Viper’s Poisonous Arsenal?

Viper Traps
Viper Traps

The abilities of Viper Valorant are strong on their own, but they’re even stronger when used with the right team members and a well-thought-out plan. Try putting different agents together to see which ones work best with Viper’s toxic abilities. 

For example, her Toxic Screen can be paired with a Sage’s wall for unbeatable defense, or her Ultimate can be paired with a Brimstone or Omen for complete map control. When you and your team work together and use each other’s skills, you can make dangerous mixtures that make your enemies afraid.

4. Sneaky Flanks and Ambushes – How to Catch Your Enemies Off Guard with Viper’s Stealthy Tactics

Viper Valorant is not the most flexible agent in Valorant. That doesn’t mean she can’t sneak up on her targets and attack them from behind. To hide for sudden turns, use her Poison Cloud, or hide in the dark with her Snake Bite, ready to strike when the time is right. You can turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor and win victory if you are calm and wait for the right time to attack.

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5. Adaptability is Key – Why Viper Valorant Players Should Always Be Ready to Think on Their Feet

Viper toxic
Viper toxic

Viper Valorant players have strong abilities, but they can also be used in many different ways. So, you can play in many different ways. You should always be able to change your mind and adapt when you’re playing, whether you’re trying to take over the map or defend a spot. The ability to react is essential to learning Viper and rising through the ranks in Valorant, so don’t be afraid to change your strategy or play style mid-round to fit the situation.


While Viper Valorant is a complicated and unique agent, you can use her full potential and rise through the ranks like never before if you know the right tips and tricks. So, fellow spies, go out into the world and use the poisonous power of Viper Valorant to take over the fight and win the game for your team. Now that you have these strange and wonderful tips, you can do anything with Viper by your side.

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