Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Jett Valorant


Jett, a quick-footed duelist for Valorant, is renowned for her quickness and ability to outsmart opponents. But you need more than clever moves to really conquer with Jett. No need to worry, fellow agents. We’ve found some strange and wonderful Jett Valorant tips and tricks that will help you move up faster than ever.

1. Precision Knives – Can Jett’s Throwing Knives Be Used for More Than Just Poking Enemies?

Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives

The ultimate ability of Jett Valorant is called “Cloudburst,” and it lets her throw knives very accurately. Did you know that you can do more with them than just poke enemies from far away? You can break enemies’ utilities or even set off Sage’s shield orbs from a safe distance by throwing Jett’s knives at them. If you learn how to use Jett’s knives precisely, you can give your team chances and catch your opponents off guard.

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2. Updraft Shenanigans – How to Use Jett’s Updraft for Creative Plays

Updraft ability Jett Valorant
Updraft ability Jett Valorant

Jett’s “Updraft” ability lets her fly higher than her opponents, giving her a vertical edge. However, don’t just use Updraft for basic high ground. Instead, use it for clever moves that catch your enemies off edge. Attack from strange angles to catch your enemies off guard, or fly to safety to get away from dangerous situations. If you learn how to do Updraft pranks well, you can trick your opponents and help your team win.

3. Aggressive Plays with Tailwind – How to Use Jett’s Tailwind to Rush Enemies

Use dash
Use dash

Jett Valorant can dash in any direction with her “Tailwind” ability, which gives her unmatched movement on the battlefield. You can use Tailwind to defend yourself or to get away, but you should also use it to attack enemies and catch them off guard. When you’re closing in on an enemy, you can quickly close the gap on them or avoid enemy fire while you’re closing in for the kill. You can easily get kills and keep your opponents on their toes if you learn how to use Tailwind to make bold plays.

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4. Creative Smoke Placements – Can Jett Valorant Cloudburst Be Used for Sneaky Plays?

Jett Valorant smoke
Jett Valorant smoke

Jett’s “Cloudburst” ability creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision, making it a powerful tool for blocking enemy sightlines. But instead of just using it for basic smokes, try using Cloudburst for creative plays that catch your opponents off guard. 

Use it to block off key chokepoints or to create distractions that allow you to flank unsuspecting enemies. By mastering the art of creative smoke placements, you can control the flow of the game and create opportunities for your team to capitalize on.

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5. Aggressive Ult Usage – How to Make the Most of Jett’s Blade Storm

As we already said, with her ultimate ability, Jett Valorant can throw strong knives at enemies that will kill them. Blade Storm should not only be used as a last option. It should also be used actively to get kills and build team momentum. You can use it to kill enemies far away or quickly take out important targets in close battle. You can turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor and win victory if you learn how to use the ultimate in a bold way.


Valorant Jett is a quick duelist, but if you know the right tips and tricks, you can turn her full power on and rise through the ranks like never before. So, fellow agents, go out into the world and use the power of speed and accuracy to take over the fight with Jett by your side. As long as you have these strange and wonderful tips, you can do anything with Jett Valorant by your side.

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