Top EA games of 2023 that pack a punch!


Hopefully, they come back stronger this year! These are the top EA games of 2023 that you should definitely try out in the new year.

EA Games to the sport (Wait, that didn’t sound right)!! Every gamer of the last 2 decades heard this iconic line from one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Despite a lot of controversies, Electronic Arts has remained one of the top gaming company in the gaming community and there is a high chance that it will not stop soon.

This company is one of the few examples of something that is too big to fail. My honest opinion as a gamer is that, the overall quality of games has drastically reduced over time and Electronic Arts acts as a publisher for most games instead of a developer.

Top EA games are almost non existent as there were a great number of development teams under their belt but over time Electronic Arts faced a lot of ups and downs including a number of backlashes. Hopefully, this Electronic Arts will bounce back stronger than ever. Nonetheless, there were quite a number of titles released under the Electronic Arts portfolio. Let us look at the top EA games 2023 has to offer

This list is in no particular order. Please keep in mind that Electronic Arts tends to publish/develop a lot of annual sports gaming franchises so expect quite a few of them on this list. I will share a few ups and downs from each game to showcase the positive and negative aspects.

Top EA Games of 2023—–

Madden NFL 24

The 1st sports gaming franchise on this top EA games list. Madden NFL dates back to its first release in 1988. Even with a history spanning over 35 years and some amazing installments, this year’s games in one of the weakest of the bunch. The only positive aspect of that game is the improved graphical fidelity and visuals, but Madden has been plagued with problems and there was almost no improvement to the game in the past decade.

The glitches, the gameplay and the game itself overall is not the best, if not one of the lowest rated games in the franchise. Regardless, for Madden fans, this is a fresh paint of coat with updated squads, teams and leagues so fans can give it a try

NFL24 tile
Madden 24 for next gen consoles

EA Sports WRC

The newest sports franchise acquired by EA Sports, WRC (World Rally Championship) is the 1st installment by Electronic Arts in the WRC series. Like I mentioned earlier, EA sports acts more like a publisher now. This doesn’t change the fact that the developers Codemasters are veterans at their craft and have delivered a definitive racing game for rally racing. There is almost no competition for rally racing games in the market and Codemasters capitalized on this fact. With a huge publisher like Electronic Arts and a sense of freedom for developers, this franchise is still and will be one of the best realistic rally racing games in the market.

WRC rally simulator still looks great

EA Sports UFC 5

The world of Ultimate Fighting Championship has a number of fans around the world and yet again Electronic Arts acquired the license of this port to make this game. Developed by Electronic Arts Vancouver, one of the in-house developers at Electronic Arts, UFC 5 is a treat for fans and the best game in the franchise yet. The game has embraced the art of the sport and changed its rating to M for mature for a reason. The realistic injury system combined with its refined gameplay, every punch, kick is as brutal as ever. One of the biggest surprises of the year.

For fans of the sport UFC 5 is a must play

EA Sports NHL 24

Another long running sports franchise under the Electronic Arts portfolio, NHL is not a big overhaul of the series but one with slight improvements over its predecessor. The previous installments were great games, and this is a trend from Electronic Arts and its annual sports games franchises to make minor/major improvements to their games. NHL is one of those consistent games that have improved slightly over time and still manage to do that. For fans of ice hockey this is an amazing entry.

The graphics do look realistic in this screenshot of NHL 24

EA Sports PGA Tour

Another one bites the dust. EA Sports PGA Tour captures every element of golf. However, the systems struggle with recognizing what a user may reasonably understand from a straightforward analog stick, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience. EA Sports PGA Tour is a game torn between competing with rival 2K’s realism and sticking to its more arcade beginnings, and in the process, strikes its first drive on this new round in the rough.

Never thought PGA tour would make this list

EA Sports FC 24

Does name change mean a different game? Obviously not. Whole of the gaming world know about FIFA and the phrase “Let’s FIFA” is common in the gaming community. Unfortunately (Fortunately maybe), EA Sports lost the official FIFA license and rebranded their game this. Except the “realistic animations” and updated squads, this game is barely different from its last year entry and on the list of top EA games. It still remains a fun frantic arcade game for its fans and newcomers. Nothing much to discuss about this entry further.

ea sports fc 24 primary 1920x1080 f4517778e6e3
Definitely not FIFA

Wild Hearts

Finally a non-sports game making its way into the list of top EA games, EA really wanted to flex their muscles with this game. If gamers heard of Monster Hunter, this might familiar. Think of it like an EA coat of paint of Monster Hunter (Not the best paint to be honest). EA and Omega Force’s unusual collaboration succeeds by providing the ideal entry point into the hunting genre.

This is the approachable title from Monster Hunter’s adventure: it’s stupid, imperfect, and unlikely to be an all-timer, but if you’re in the proper mindset, my god is it fun. It remains to be seen whether it will continue to dig its talons into me, but after years of frustration, I finally feel ready to go deeper into this once-impenetrable genre.

WIld Hearts
Thats a creepy sight – Wild Hearts

Dead Space (2023)

Yes, this is a remake of the original Dead Space released back in 2008. Dead Space was a classic back in 2008 and still is (Back when EA made really great games). They took a page directly out of Capcom’s remake formula and applied it to the Dead Space remake to make this list of top EA games. The new game improved on the visuals, gameplay and expanded the story in meaningful ways to create an experience that would keep the hope up for gamers that EA can make great games again.

top EA games
This is how to remake a classic like Dead Space

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Arguably the biggest entertainment franchise in the world, making a Star Wars game is a challenge in itself but the history proved that Electronic Arts can make a decent, if not an excellent Star Wars game to make in on the list of top EA games. The prequel, Star Wars Fallen Order was one of the biggest games on 2019 and its sequel surpasses it in all ways. Developer Respawn Entertainment took liberty with the development to make a game that would satisfy all kinds of fans by fulfilling their Jedi fantasy.

Star wars 2
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a huge hit

Apex Legends

The newest legend Conduit makes her way to the Apex Games

This might be bending the rules a little, but EA did not produce enough nameworthy titles this year. I had to mention an ongoing battle royale game i.e. Apex Legends. Developers Respawn Entertainment (yes, the same people handling the Star Wars franchise), broke the trend by fixing most problems in a battle royale game and consistently making the game better over time. Special mention to their art of subtle storytelling that makes players curious about the game’s plot. Yes, it in fact is special for a battle royale game to have an actual “plot”

Hopefully EA comes back stronger next year and gives gamers some originals to revive their brand ” EA Games”

Are all games released in 2023?

Yes, mostly of these titles are released in 2023 but most of them are annual installments, remakes and ongoing titles

Are EA Sports and EA Games the same?

Yes, the parent company is Electronic Arts

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