Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tier List – All Weapons Ranked (September 2023)

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Looking for the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion? Check our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List to find it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the expansion to Monster Hunter Rise is a multiplayer co-op RPG  from the makers of CAPCOM. MHR Sunbreak expansion is well and truly a successful initiative as Monster Hunter Rise got an expansion mainly to increase the monsters, locations, features, and more changes to the gameplay. The story of MHR Sunbreak takes place in a remote zone named “Kamura”. Your journey in MHR Sunbreak embarks in the new hub named Elgado Outpost. Every hunter resides in this new place. The story begins in the same place, and the Three Lords Malzeno, Lunagaron, and Garangolm who are also the monsters start attacking every hunter in your village.

Your role as a hunter is to eliminate these monsters in the Kamura village. Interact with residents and NPCs to begin your journey. The old monsters will also return to the Sunbreak expansion. You need to take on every monster as a Hunter. You have 14 new Weapons along with the trusty Wirebug tool. Here are the best weapons to use in the JRPG MHR Sunbreak expansion from our weapon tier list.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tier List

S Tier – Without any doubt, S Tier weapons are the best weapons to use in the MHR Sunbreak expansion. These weapons have the best stats and damage powers. 

A Tier – Once again, the weapons in A Tier are great to use for every battle. These weapons may not be as powerful as the S tier weapons in MHR Sunbreak, but you can use these weapons for their high success rate and best skills.

B Tier – B Tier weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion are not so powerful and at the same time, they are not weaker. You can use it for co-op battles.

C Tier – The weapons under C Tier can be ignored. These weapons need huge upgrades to use for the challenging battles in MHR Sunbreak. C Tier weapons can be utilized after they are placed in A Tier.

SLong Sword, Heavy Bowgun, Greatsword
A Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Dual Blades, Bow, Light Bowgun
BLance, Gun Lance, Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield
CHammer, Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Best Weapons to Use


The Bow is always your go-to weapon in MHR Sunbreak. The fire elemental bow unleashes fire arcs and projectiles to deal massive damage. The Bow has always been the best-ranged weapon and use it from any range or distance. Stake Thrust and Butcher’s Bind will boost your bow’s damage powers and fire shots. These skills unleash explosive damage, mainly because of the Ironsilk. The Bow has high mobility and this is another advantage when you are about to release the arrow. Use the best ammo coatings to increase the damage percentage for the bow. Overall, the Bow is a top-tier weapon in Sunbreak expansion.


The Greatsword is the best single-target weapon. The Greatsword is also effective in AoE targeted range and a versatile weapon and you can unleash different charged attacks. The counter-attacks in Greatsword will deal massive damage. The surge slash combo skill brings a powerful slash attack. The Greatsword is another powerful weapon that can be utilized in all battles.


Longswords are effective for long-range targets. The spirit blade attacks from the longsword weapon can kill two to three enemies at a time. Longsword has the best counter-attack stats and melee combos. Longsword along with Spirit Gauge will get you the best results in combat. The Foresight slash and Spirit Blade attacks have been the best moves of this weapon in the Sunbreak expansion.

Switch Axe

Switch Axe can switch into Sword and Axe mode. The attacks vary in these two modes of the weapon. Switch Axe produces a morph slash attack when it changes mode. Switch Axe inflicts severe damage with a high single-hit attack. Switch Axe is solely for attacking and the attacking powers vary in both the sword and axe modes. The only disadvantage of Switch Axe is its weaker defensive stats.

Charge Blade

One of the most versatile weapons in MHR Sunbreak that can fit well with any combination. Charge Blade has high elemental discharge attacks. Charge Blade can transform from Sword to Axe mode just like the Switch Axe weapon. Get the best results from Charge Blade with element and impact phials. These moves of Charge Blade will directly hit on the monsters’ faces to stun them.

Dual Blades

As the weapon name says, the attacks are in combos. Dual Blades weapon has a variety of slice and slash combos. The spiral slash attacks can deal x2 damage. Dual Blades also has the best elemental damage and can be effective against all kinds of monsters. Dual Blades has demon and archdemon modes that will enhance the damage per hit. Overall, Dual Blades is another effective weapon in the Sunbreak expansion.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield provides the best attack and defense. The weapon has high elemental damage and status ailments. Sword and Shield has the best guard and can attack faster than your foes. The twin-blade combo ability increases your damage powers. Use this weapon with any ammo coatings.

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun is the numero uno when it comes to long-range. Light Bowgun can be used with ammo coatings to unleash massive fire damage. The firepower is high and the critical firepower skill can rapidly increase your attacking speed and powers.

Bowgun Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tier List

Heavy Bowgun

Just like Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun can be effective in long-range and AoE. Use it with the Wirebug tool to get the best damage. Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe ammo will double your damage stats when activated. Overall, Heavy Bowgun is another best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion with the best damage skills.


Hammer has the best DPS and mobility. The Single-hit attack damage in Hammer makes it one of the best weapons. Hammer has faster charged attacks and the best maneuvers in the game. The spinning bludgeon charge skill unleashed heavy charged attacks that will inflict massive damage on your opponents.


Lance is the best defensive weapon with a shield. Lance excels with its best counterattacks and melee combos. The sharp attacks in Lance can deal x2 damage. Overall, Lance is a decent weapon for PvP combat.

Gun Lance

Gun Lance offers the best shelling attacks with high damage powers. Gun Lance provides you with the best defense. Gun Lance is effective for long-range and is best used with a cannon. The Erupting Cannon skill deals massive fire damage. 

Insect Glaive

This is by far the best aerial weapon in MHR Sunbreak. The Kinsect buffs will provide you with the best damage skills and melee combos. Kinsect Slash Skill unleashes Glaive and Kinsect buffs that can deal x2 damage in short-range. Insect Glaive can inflict severe damage while in the air and also has high mobility.

Hunting Horn Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tier List
Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn

This is one of the unique weapons in the new MHR Sunbreak expansion. As the name implies, Hunting Horn attacks when the melody effects are active. You just need to play the melody tunes and attack your opponents. Hunting Horn can kill in a single shot if your target lands on your opponent’s head. The swing combo of the hunting horn provides extra damage hit.

That’s everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tier list and the best weapons to use. Use these weapons for every battle in MHR Sunbreak. We will come back with more Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guides and updates soon.

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