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Check our guide to find out the best team build and team composition for Xiao, the 5-star anemo character, in Genshin Impact.

Xiao is a five-star playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact from the Liyue region. A powerful Anemo character, Xiao has Polearm as his weapon. Xiao made his way into Genshin Impact through the First Lantern Rite Festival event and is also the Yaksha of Liyue. Travelers have used Xiao for some of the toughest quests in Genshin Impact, as Xiao is a powerful Anemo with insane DMG stats, HP, and elemental burst. Xiao himself can take on a lot of enemies, then think about the team combination where Xiao and other characters are placed together. Xiao has a variety of attacks and skills, but travelers have always wanted to use him in other team combinations.

Xiao can be paired with other elemental characters of Genshin Impact. Be it Hydro, Pyro, or any other characters, Xiao can go well with them as the five-star Anemo is one of the best versatile heroes in Genshin Impact. If you are looking to knowing the best team composition and combinations for Xiao, here we will share the best team build for Xiao in Genshin Impact through our Xiao team combination guide. Check our Xiao team build with some of the best characters in Genshin Impact to unleash Xiao’s best skills and abilities.

Best Team Composition for Xiao in Genshin Impact

Here are the best Xiao F2P, four-star, and five-star team combinations. These are our team comps for Xiao, you can also try out on your favorite combination along with these.

Four-star Team Composition for Xiao

Here are the four-star team comps for Xiao. Play Xiao as DPS, Xingqiu is your best damage dealer. Bennett is the best option for Healing and ATK. While the other characters are also powerful with HP and DMG stats.

  • Bennett+Sucrose Faruzan
  • Heizou+Sara+Chongyun
  • Xingiu+Sucrose+Xiangling+Diano

Five-Star Team Composition for Xiao 

Here are the best five-star team comps for Xiao in Genshin Impact. You can play Xiao as the main DPS, while the others can play the supporting roles. Scaramouche can be your Supporter, Jean can provide HP, and the other characters will be your damage dealer. Jean also plays as your physical DPS and can deal massive damage. Overall, this team combination is very effective along with Xiao being the primary DPS.

  • Raiden Shogun+Yelan+Jean
  • Albedo+ Yae Miko+ Scaramouche
  • Yoimiya+ Yelan + Nahida
  • Zhongli+Scaramouche+Raiden Shogun
Xiao Team Build Genshin Impact

Free-to-play Team Composition for Xiao

Here are the best F2P team comps for Xiao. Xiao is once again your primary DPS, while Xiangling can be your best option to deal additional damage using her elemental burst.

  • Lisa+Barbara+Noelle
  • Kaeya+Amber+Traveler
  • Aloy+Xiangling+Barbara

Other Team Combinations for Xiao

Here are the double cryo team comps for Xiao. Sucrose is your Anemo Battery, and Fischl can be your damage dealer. Diona and Bennett are the best healers. Fischl can be lethal with her electro bow weapon and attacks. While the other characters can support well.

  • Sucrose+Xiangling +Zhongli
  • Fischl+ Diona + Bennett
  • Xiangling+Raiden Shogun+ Fischl

Anemo Team Composition for Xiao

Here are the final team comps for Xiao. As Xiao is an Anemo character, here’s the Anemo team comp for Xiao. Jean is your physical DPS and Healer, Scaramouche is your damage dealer, and the other characters can attack and support well along with Xiao.

  • Faruzan+Sucrose+Venti
  • Heizon+Faruzan+Jean
  • Traveler+Jean+Sucrose
  • Venti+Jean+Scaramouche

These are the best team build and team composition for Xiao in Genshin Impact. Maximize the five-star Anemo character’s ability with these amazing team combinations on Genshin Impact. We will be back with more Genshin Impact updates and guides soon.

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