Top 10 Sports Games to Buy during the Steam Summer Sale 2022


In this article, we are going to focus on bringing you the best sports games money can buy for you in the Steam Summer Sale 2022. Steam Sales are incredible opportunities to get the best deals on games.

This is the best time to buy new and popular titles. It’s like a fest for gamers where they get great discounts and deals on their favorite titles. Allow us to highlight the best deals available on the best of games this Steam Summer Sale. This is a list of the most sought-after sports games that are now on Sale.

Look no further as we bring you the best of this season’s games on sale. Sports games are always on the higher end of the pricing spectrum and this is the perfect opportunity to get a bargain on your dream list titles. Without further ado, here is our list of best sports games to buy during the Steam Summer Sale 2022.

FIFA 22 (Rs 479)

The latest addition to the FIFA series, FIFA 22 makes some great upgrades to its graphics and gameplay. The aesthetic facelift to players’ structure models and faces is noticeable. Graphical upgrades are nice to have and a welcoming feature but gameplay is what really matters. This game’s biggest improvements have been through HyperMotion, new motion capture technology that actually captured real-life players’ movements to replicate in the game.

This makes the game more fluidic, changing the way players move in the game. With all the latest transfers the game has updated to the latest team roster, logo, and kits. Career mode now allows you to create your own club where you make your own crest, kit, and stadium. The career mode also offers objectives like that in an RPG game that help build a relationship with the manager.

NBA 2K22 (Rs 527)

When a basketball player enters the zone he can feel like time slows down, they can see things before they happen, and the rim seems to get bigger. Although this game does make you feel the zone it is a title worth getting this Steam summer sale. With improved gameplay and new content, it is worth exploring even for new players. From stamina-based shooting to the diverse ways to improve my player character NBA 2k22 opens new doors in its game.

The offensive game is much more focused on good team basketball promoting pick and roll. 2K22 rewards you for smart and patient play. You will be splashing threes, you’ll just have to play smart with your shots using picks and more thoughtful dribbling to get the space to unleash from deep. The devs have provided a collection of modes whether you want to build your player up in My Career, build a dream team of past and present stars in My Team and take over an entire franchise in My NBA.

Golf with your Friends (Rs 151)

Golf with your Friends is the perfect game to play with your friends for a virtual games night. If you wanna hang out with your friends and chill at home, this is the game to enjoy their company while being casually competitive. You can definitely play this solo as well and enjoy the game’s mini-golf arcade feel. But the game’s true charm is in playing it multiplayer with friends.

The graphics are basic and smooth, there are a lot of modes to enjoy. When playing multiplayer you have to option to play real-time or turn-based. It’s preferred to play real-time as you all can save time and watch each other mess up. By default, collusion is off but you can turn it on for more chaos and hilarity.

WWE 2K22 (Rs 2,474)

The comeback we all had been waiting for, after the flop show of WWE 2K20 the devs and 2K took a time out to refocus and reset the game. And as a result, we have WWE 2K22 the most polished take on the franchise. The looks have had a major upgrade, the wrestlers look just gorgeous mostly the male ones.

There are no loot boxes which made the game’s progression feel so inorganic. The game has removed stamina meters, multi-tiered life bars, and wrestling minigames, and it’s a trimming effect that has paid off. 2K22’s wrestling feels much faster more arcadey and more pick-up and play-friendly than ever making it one of the best sports games to buy during the Steam Summer Sale.

Madden 22 (Rs 479)

Madden NFL 22 takes the same slow and steady approach that has characterized the progress of this franchise. Visually there aren’t any improvements but the performance does seem a lot smoother. Although the game still retains its flaws of feeling clunky and robotic motion. It still remains a grab bag of experiences and ideas some of them decent many of them undermined by poor execution and a lack of polish.

The wind and atmosphere changes have been incorporated into the game to affect your game. In home games, the audience can provide buff in the game also known as Gameday momentum. Next-gen stats also help the game AI to factor in the difficulty against the CPU.

Moto GP 22 (Rs 899)

MotoGP 22 is the ultimate speedster game that is a ride worth taking. If you are a bike fanatic surely there are no bars holding you back from buying this game. For those a little skeptical about it, it is a better version of Moto GP 20 with better visuals and better control.

This is the most realistic representation of bike racing with career modes and highly graphical models of bikes. The environment has been enhanced to make it more pleasant to the eyes and add more life to the background.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator (Rs 141)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is the perfect game to relax after a day of work, with a diverse collection of fish and baits to pick from. The gear is detailed to a fault, the same can be said about the mini-encyclopedia on fishes. The game takes fishing really seriously as it is a serious sport in a lot of countries.

There are 9 maps/locations with day and night cycles and all the fishes are fully modeled and animated. There are two game modes Normal and Realistic. In normal mode, you get an underwater camera view, and a bob view and you can basically clearly improve your bait throw. You can get the game at a 75% discount during the Steam Summer Sale.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (Rs 749)

For all the anime fan lovers out there is something special for you this Summer sale. Captain Tsubasa is a really epic anime and the fans are in for a treat as the game is well made with really great effects and powerups. Captain Tsubasa might be another soccer game but it is totally a different experience from playing FIFA, so get ready to unlearn a few things.

The game is all about the arcade-style football game no need to worry about the petty fouls or tackles. It’s an enjoyable game based on a sport that has been pigeonholed into the simulation genre. You can dive in and blow them away with a speed tackle and use over-the-top force to shoot strikes.

MXGP 2021 (Rs 599)

The only official licensed motocross racing game, MXGP 2021, is the only way to experience motocross like real-life track riders and on official tracks. You get access to numerous game modes ranging from career mode to a quick play mode. Quick play mode is where you can practice time attacks at a Grand Prix and championship rounds.

All the tracks are unlocked and playable from the beginning, the game just wants you to enjoy the game and not labor through it. Moreover, there is a free run mode and a track editor mode. The best part is getting used to the physicality of the bikes and how they handle on the low-grip muddy race surface. The struggle is real and the grind you feel is awesome.

Skater XL (Rs 719)

Skater XL is a serious and mostly authentic simulation of skateboarding. You could get lost for a couple of days until you perfect the trick. Skater XL makes you want to perfect your tricks and has a substantial learning curve. Overall, there has been an attempt to create a control system that mirrors the finesse of foot movement.

But sometimes it can go a little overboard by expecting a moonlight sonata from its players and all they amount to is Mary had a little lamb. Skater XL’s controls are a bit of a wall to crash through compared to an arcade skate experience and that’s what makes it satisfying.

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