All you need to know about the best Steph Curry shoes in the business

The Golden State Warriors’ champion player Stephen Curry remains to be the highest-paid player in the NBA. And like most popular NBA players, Curry had signed with Nike, until 2013 when he signed with Under Armor. And today, Stephen’s UA line of shoes are some of the best-sellers the brand has seen. In fact Under Armor itself grew into a success in the NBA, with Steph Curry himself.

Stephen Curry has three NBA championships rings
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – MAY 04: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors looks on prior to the start of an NBA game against the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center on May 04, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Initially, Curry sported popular UA shoe models such as the Clutchfit Drive and the Anatomix Spawn. But soon in 2015, the star and the brand together launched his exclusive line of shoes – The Curry, which to date has come up with some benchmark designs. Curry brings home quite a sum, around $40 million from his endorsement deals, which includes other names like Unanimous Media, Oxigen, and further.

The signature Currys are known for their low-to-ground cushion, mesh-knit blend, and other Avante Garde features. And Under Armor also allows customization of the designs according to individual preferences. So let’s go over some of the top Steph Curry shoes to ever hit the market.

Here are the best Steph Curry shoes that you will enjoy wearing or collecting

Curry 2.5

Here are Steph Curry shoes
Under Armour Curry 2.5 in white and black. (CREDIT: COURTESY OF UNDER ARMOUR)

The Curry 2.5 sports the signature low-ground minimal cushion that gives an impactful experience for the one sporting the shoe. Yet the materials used give a comfortable embrace around your feet and give a perfect glove-like fit. Moreover, the shoe’s impressive traction especially on hardwood greatly heightens the shoe’s function. It’s the smart Curry design that lets you be quick and responsive on your feet when you are wearing the 2.5. And a bonus? The tread patterned soul avoids trapping dirt, so you wouldn’t have to spend hours cleaning.

Curry 7

Here are Steph Curry shoes
Under Armour Curry 7 in the “UNDRTD” colorway. (Credit: Under Armour)

The Curry 7 is outstanding in all aspects and especially with traction and stability. If firm grounding is what you are looking for, the Micro G and HOVR mixed cushioning makes the shoe up your alley. The low-top sneaker model is strong and supportive for your feet and readies you for heavy activity. The setup and performance are unquestionable, however, the premium material feel is lacking in this signature model.

Curry 3 Low

If you want a court-ready shoe the Curry 3 Low is a great pick. However, the performance seems to suffer a bit on dirtier grounds.

The low-cushioning is similar to that of the 2.5 and the traction provided is impressive. The burrito wrap design combined with the dual eyelet system is a nice touch and relieves lace pressure, keeping the laces in place. The Threadborne and Anafoam give the shoe the nice touch of flexibility and strength which one is bound to love.

Curry 8

Here are Steph Curry shoes
Detailed look at the Curry 8 “Golden Flow”. (Credit: Under Armour)

The Curry 8 gives the needed impact protection which had been missing in most of the previous designs. The cushioning too is a little different and features Under Armour All new flow technology, so you can spend hours on the court without exhausting your feet. The traction again is extreme and one of the most attractive features of the shoe. It’s durable and reliable and the materials used make the shoe extremely breathable.

Curry 3 Zero

The Curry 3 Zero is lightweight with no heavy design and comes at quite an affordable rate, so the performance is surprising. The traction is excellent and doesn’t suffer whether you are playing on a clean or dirty court. The synthetic leather used for the shoe, helps you fit to break it in providing a comfortable and perfect fit. This shoe again like most Curry shoes prioritize responsiveness over impact protection.

These are the top 5 Steph Curry shoes that remain to be a hit in the market consistently.

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