Check out our list of the top 10 Superhero Mobile Games that you can play in 2022. They are available on the Play Store and the App Store!

Are you a great fan of superheroes? Everyone has grown up watching superhero movies and shows. And some even wish to be a superhero but that’s not possible in reality. But those who aspire to become a superhero and save the world from enemies can always play Superhero games.

There are a variety of Superheroes, similarly, there are a plethora of superhero video games that have your favorite superheroes in them. Here we will share the best Superhero mobile games to play in 2022. The games mentioned in this list of superhero mobile games are available for both Android and iOS users.

Best Superhero Mobile Games in 2022

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who doesn’t like Spiderman? As everyone has watched almost all the Spiderman movies and would have loved to become a Spiderman. Now it’s your chance to become a Spiderman in this game and save the world from demons. Download the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game which is as amazing as the name suggests.

The game is all about web-slinging, battles, and fights. You play the role of Spiderman to save the people of New York from prominent villains like Venom, The Green Goblin, and Kraven the Hunter. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an extraordinary superhero game that one should never miss out to play it.

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2. Batman – The Telltale Series

The hype for Batman has always been high whether it is movies or comics, Batman has always had his own fandom. Similarly, the Batman – The Telltale Series is an incredible superhero mobile video game that is intriguing with full of missions and challenges. The game has world-class visuals, and stunning gameplay especially the portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s character.

Batman The Telltale Series has 5 amazing episodes which challenge your instincts and skills. Play the game, complete all the challenges with the Batman avatar and save the world from enemies.

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3. Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG is an epic game with match 3 puzzle gameplay and story. Players must engage in some fun and entertaining battles on this epic match 3 quest. This game is also the original version of the Match 3 Super Hero Game. Play daily, and claim the daily rewards of Shield and Resupply. Progress in the game with every match 3 puzzle quest. The event stories quests and challenges involve some of the best Marvel avatars and should not be missed out on.

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4. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers is an amazing television series that has been an emotion for many youngsters even now. This Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a unique superhero video game that has high-class visuals and animations. The game also has the 3D character versions of your favorite Power Rangers.

Your role as Power Ranger in this game is to be the savior of the Morphin Grid world as you are entering the battle to battle with the monster Rita Repulsa who’s also the villain of the game. Some of the best Power Rangers like Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger, Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger, and Jason Lee Scott the Red Ranger are out there to assist you in defeating the mighty Rita Repulsa.

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5. Injustice 2

One of the best ever Superhero video games to exist, Injustice 2 is a 3D fighting superhero mobile game that has over 100 famous Batman characters. Superman has succumbed, and now you are donning the role of Batman to continue his legacy and save the people of the city. Injustice 2 is a successful sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us which also has some of the best DC avatars including the Superheroes and Villains.

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Injustice 7
Injustice 2

6. Marvel Future Fight

An epic RPG action entertainer where you must bring in your Marvel troops Avengers, X – Men, and Spiderman to save the universe from evil. You have to choose your characters from the available 200 Marvel characters. Every character in the game plays to their best and turns up as a beast when it’s upgraded. A unique Marvel Superhero mobile video game that you should absolutely try out.

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7. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an epic strategy RPG game that is full of intense and raw battles. Assemble your best squad and fight it out in some of the exotic locations. The antagonists of this star wars game are dark and light heroes. Build your elite teams by gathering the heroes and characters, and get the iconic star ships as the rewards. The fleet arena challenges are the best ones to try out in this superhero mobile video game.

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8. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is another Marvel Superhero game for mobile users. The game has some of the famous Marvel versions of Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Loki, and Venom. Your job is to enter the arena, battle out with enemies and save the earth from evil. The game has the best Superheroes and Villains and everyone is involved in the battle to save the universe.

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9. Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions, is another Marvel mobile superhero game that has all the Avengers heroes and villains. An out and out action game where you could witness an Epic war between the top Marvel stars like Spiderman vs Captain America, Deadpool vs Wolverine, and more. It’s all about which of the Marvel stars wins eventually in the raging battles.

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10. Teen Titans GO Figure

The game has some of the best features and characters to battle out. It’s you vs the DC stars in a war. After winning the battles get the DC avatar collections. The game also has 100 plus Teen Titans Figures to obtain. This superhero game will surely attract kids and youngsters, the only issue is it’s not available for free.

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