Top 10 Gacha Games Released in 2022


Gacha games are known as mobile RPGs with easy controls and amazing game avatars. Here are the best gacha games released in 2022 that you should definitely check out!

Gacha games have become popular and many new games have been released in 2022 with fabulous character rosters and fantastic narratives. The popular ones have millions of downloads on any device, even the smaller ones have quite a loyal fan base. All the games from Gachas have a specific type of storytelling.

Gacha games are usually famous for their amazing visuals and the vast world that it has to offer the players to explore. They have various events for the players to take part in, JRPG combat techniques, along with online multiplayer modes. However, Gacha games are known for their gacha elements and smooth RPG mechanism.

If you are wondering what the Gacha element is, here is the answer. The players get access to the game characters by using the in-game currency or items also known as pulls. As you keep leveling up you rebuild your team to match the meta shifts and to keep things balanced out.

So here is a list of all the best games by Gacha games released in 2022 that you can check out.

1. Cross Summoner: R

Cross Summoner: R, is now open in countries like UK and Canada, and is slowly releasing its beta version on android devices.

It has a 2D style of anime-styled action RPG and is a remake of the 2014 Japanese version of the game Cross Summoner. the remake is a much-modified version of its origin, as the graphics have been upgraded with a much smoother interface for modern gamers. It is a combo-based action game and has amazing character visuals. So you can try out this game and see for yourself how unique it is.

2. Eroica

Finally, after one year, Eroica was released worldwide giving fans the best experience of Turn-Based Gacha RP. It is similar to the other titles of Epic seven.

In this game, there is a squad of four members who fight different classes of monsters. The abilities of the characters are Controllers, buffers, Debuffer, Burst Damage dealers, or Damage over Time Characters. It has many puzzles to solve, vast stories, and much more. If you are a fan of monster battles this is the game you are looking for.

3. Goddess of Victory: Nikkie

Goddess of Victory: Nikkie has top-class bullet hell combat technique. However, the base Gacha concept of summoning characters, and building a team of different avatars, along with a strong narrative like other Gacha games is pretty much similar.

In the practice sessions, the combat could be a little complicated as it asks you to do many things at once, but the visuals of the game are good and are fun to play overall.

4. Neural Cloud

This game initially was launched in China and is now available worldwide the game is open for pre-registration.

As a player, you will lead the group of dolls in their war against an unknown hostile in the world Magrasea. The scattered dolls brace themselves as they go in pursuit and face terrible opponents and an uncertain future. It has an interesting storyline with a touch of sci-fi and amazing visuals as expected from gacha. If you are looking for innovative games this is the one.

5. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is the entry of Gacha into the Nintendo games. There is a vast variety of characters for players to choose from in the Fire Emblem series. It has strategic RPG mechanics similar to that of console games.

Fire Emblem Heroes has colorful graphics, strong visuals, and many things to do. It is F2P friendly and excellent storyline. The gameplay is similar to The Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game. If you are looking for a gacha RPG this game should be on your list.

6. Alice Fiction

Alice Fiction is a fast-paced RPG game with amazing visuals. It is a part of the ALICE Network universe, a gacha Panel Smash RPG. It was released globally in the month of July this year. The soundtrack of the game is very captivating along with its amazing visuals.

The story is based n the virtual world of ALICE, which is ruled by an AI known as The Queen, and the reality is left out when it came to advancing digitally the outside world was out of it, which is indeed an interesting concept. the protagonist finds out that the girl he was eyeing claims to be his sister. This girl is attacked and taken by a monster created by the virtual world. Now, the hero must save the girl from this monster by batting against it and find out the truth.

7. CounterSide

Counterside is a unique game by Gacha Games and is a must-try. It is an anime-inspired Korean RPG with outstanding ideas which might not appeal to everyone.

The events in this game take place after a grand event called the Grand Dimension Failure. A sequence of catastrophes known as Corruption Disasters struck the earth. this leads to the leak of energy from the other dimension to come into reality and bring in demonic creatures from the other world. These ruined objects contain a valuable substance known as Eternium. Now a team of private Taskforce Companies is formed to harness this unique element from the other planet and attack Corrupted Objects with superpowered humans known as Counters. It is a highly conceptual game for one to try, but the storyline is quite promising and engaging for players to play the game.

8. Artery Gear: Fusion 

Artery Gear: Fusion is one of the most famous Turn-based Gacha Games of 2022.

The player will be the commander of a girl squad made up of four elements to fight against the enemy known as “Puppets” which is disrupting humanity. these girls exhibit their powers and use them to fight against the puppets. It has main story events, PvP modes, side story events, target elimination, and much more to offer. It is overall a good combat mode game with decent visuals for you to try out.

9. Dolphin Wave

Dolphin Wave is yet another game by Gacha Games released this year. It is a jetski racing action game for mobile. the game was also released for Pc versions in October.

In this game, you are a coach who training a bunch of girls to do Jetski. Your role is to keep them happy and train them well in a jet ski. It has a tropical vibe and great visuals with some pretty-looking girls.

10. Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red is a free-to-play RPG for IOS and Android released in Japan initially. the game is more known for its comedic banter between the characters than its story and battles, which is indeed unique coming from gacha Games. It is filled with old Japanese internet slang, and wordplay, and has many references to old pop culture which gives it a fun retro vibe.

An invasion by unidentified extraterrestrial entities known as Cancer has put humanity in danger of extinction. A bunch of powerful girls comes to save humanity using their powers. they use the school campus as their base to fight and train. It’s a captivating game as it has light gameplay and can serve well when you are looking to kill time.

Gacha Games Released 2022w
Top 10 Gacha Games Released in 2022 2

These are the best gacha games released in 2022. If you haven’t played any of them yet, what are you waiting for? Go try out these games now.

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