Top 10 Battle Royale Games You Should Play in 2023



Battle Royale Games are always fun and exciting to play. Check our listicle to find the best Battle Royale Games you should try out in 2023.

Battle Royale games are released every year. One can’t experience better action and shooting genre games from these battle royale games. Every year new battle royale games are released for mobile, consoles, and PC. Battle royale games test your skill and patience, as you need to challenge yourself against 50 or 100 opponents in the Arena. Right from Call of Duty to PUBG, many battle royale games have hit the bullseye among gamers and critics. Right now many battle royale games are in line to be released in 2023.

Battle royale games are subdivided into different genres. You can expect survival thrillers, fun, and entertainment, sandbox, animal-based, anime, and tactical action. Here we will share the best battle royale games to play in 2023. Here are our top 10 battle royale games to play in 2023. Check our listicle to find out some of the best BR games.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games in 2023

Here are our best battle royale suggestions to play in 2023. Our list includes games from the last decade to the last year. Play these games before the next set of games arrives in 2023.

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a tactical third-person shooter and multiplayer battle royale game. Garena has incorporated 15 different in-game modes that you won’t find in other battle royale games. In the battle royale mode, you need to tussle against 51 opponents on an unknown island. Free Fire has solo, duo, and trio, and you can even team up with 4 members. With electrifying weapons, different gaming modes, 6 maps, and the best locations, Free Fire is an epic battle royale game from Garena. Free Fire is available to play on Android and iOS.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends from EA and Respawn Entertainment has grown rapidly in the past 2 years to evolve as one of the best battle royale games. Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile, both have been fans’ favorite games ever since their launch. In Apex Legends, you are known as Legends. You can pick your legendary character along with weapons, cosmetics, skins, and other resources for the battles. Apex Legends has crossed 15 seasons and it’s still raking in huge money for the developers. Battle Royale and Arena are the in-game modes in Apex Legends. Each mode in Apex Legends has different maps. The Battle Royale mode includes Broken Moon, Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Storm Point, and Olympus. While the Arena mode in Apex Legends includes 6 maps, Habitat 4, Drop Off, Encore, Overflow, Phase Runner, and Party Crasher.

But you will only get access to limited locations for every new Apex Legends season. Apex Legends has many LTM events, and challenges that will reward you with new skins and cosmetics. Crosshair is another interesting feature in Apex Legends that will allow the legends to get the best aim during the battles. You can customize and choose your favorite crosshairs.


Fortnite from Epic Games is an incredible battle royale game. Fortnite has a couple of game modes. Epic Games has explored many different parts of Fortnite, and this battle royale game has excellent features. In Fortnite, you can play solo or party with friends on the island. Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative are the different in-game modes. You will explore various locations and quests, and meet new people/NPC in Fortnite.

The Fortnite creative mode has many maps and you can play in the zombie maps, which is one of the best maps in the Creative mode. The battle royale mode in Fortnite allows 100 players to put against each other, and the last sole survivor will emerge as the winner. Fortnite has often collaborated with some famous games, franchises, and celebrities. Fortnite x John Cena, and Fortnite x Marvel are some of the earth shattering collabs from Fortnite. With so many things to explore, Fortnite is your best battle royale game to play in 2023.


PUBG is the pioneer of all battle royale games in the last decade. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the numero uno among all the battle royale games as it has given a new dimension to the term battle royale. PUBG is an intense action and first-person shooter game where you will compete against 99 other opponents in an open place. You can play solo or in the co-op competitive mode in PUBG. PUBG has unlimited features. You can get new weapons, guns, skins, gun skins, helmets, emote, crates, and other cosmetics.

PUBG has different locations on various maps. You can explore various islands, snow based locations, hills, and more to battle against your enemies. Overall, PUBG is the best battle royale game ever since its release and it’s expected to be a successful game in 2023 once again. Battle against 99 others and become the winner claim the throne in PUBG.


Rumbleverse is a brawler battle royale game from Iron Galaxy and Epic Games. A colorful and fun fighting game that’s played from a third-person perspective. Rumbleverse puts you into Low Key Key or Grapital City to fight against 39 other opponents. Rumbleverse follows the same pattern and gameplay as other popular battle royale games. The major difference here in Rumbleverse is you don’t get access to guns or explosives.

The battles in Rumbleverse are melee and you also receive special moves and attacks. You can find more attacks and special moves either in Low Key Key island or the Grapital City zone by getting magazines from the boxes. You can use Potion to increase your health, stamina, and powers for every combat in Rumbleverse. Rumbleverse is not a serious action game like PUBG or Free Fire, yet you can play the game for its unique mechanisms and melee based combat. Key Bat, Wooden Plank, Basket Ball Bats, and Chairs are some of the melee weapons in Rumbleverse. Brawa Bills, the in-game currency can be used for purchases. You get XP and rewards for winning the melee Combat in Rumbleverse.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is grandeur in all aspects. The iconic battle royale game has been the favorite game for many over the years. COD Warzone is coming with sequels and new versions, and every new release from the Call Of Duty Franchise is becoming an instant hint. COD Warzone battle takes place in a vast open-world universe, and you can fight against AI enemies and opponents in other locations.

Play solo or Duo, and battle against mighty opponents in every new location of Warzone. The gameplay and storyline of Warzone are fast-paced. Every battle in Warzone will be a nail-biting thriller experience. Warzone has the best set of guns and explosives. You can experience realistic battles in the world of Warzone. Skins, Operators, and other resources are available as rewards.

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a sandbox Multiplayer battle royale game for Android and iOS. Cyber Hunter is all about surviving and battling against your enemies. Cyber Hunter Season 4 has gone live with new weapons, skins, cosmetics, and battle passes. In this open-world tactical battle royale game, you can play m solo, duo, or in 4-player team in the new loot lord game mode. Your role as a gold digger you need to compete against the other gold diggers in the silent corps. You can train and battle against the AI based robots/enemies. You have many Weapons, Vehicles, and Powers to become the best gold digger. Cyber Hunter has drawn inspiration from other battle royale games, and the gameplay, concepts, and storyline will be similar to its peers. Overall, Cyber Hunter is another excellent battle royale game to play in 2023.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer battle royale game from Mediatonic. In Fall Guys, 60 players tussle against each other and the ultimate sole survivor will be the winner. Fall Guys has amazing graphics and colorful visuals. The characters in Fall Guys resemble a jellybean and you can get rewards by completing the daily challenges. Fall Guys crossed 6 successful Seasons with different features and maps in new seasons. Fall Guys also adds new in-game modes in every new season. In the 6th Season, the thieves gain magical invisible powers and the guardians need to find them. Overall, Fall Guys is a colorful battle royale game to play with your friends.

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is a fun multiplayer battle royale game. Super Animal Royale is a survival shooter game among animals. You can pick your hero from one among the Cats, Beasts, Pandas, Foxes, and more. The battle happens between 64 animals, and you have to fight against other animals in an abandoned safari park. You can also collect animal breeds and obtain cosmetics, skins, weapons, and umbrellas. Play solo or team up with 3 other animals in a colorful battle. You can feed health juice to your animals to strengthen them. Pick your guns, shields, and explosives to fight against the animals in an open arena.

Rocket Royale 

Rocket Royale is a battle royale and tactical shooter game for mobile. Competitive multiplayer, Single-player and other in-game modes are available. The game’s concept is amusing, as you need to craft and build your Rocket and then you need to vanish away from the island. Enemies will try to ruin your work as they will try to hijack your Rocket, you have to battle against these enemies to safeguard your Rocket and other parts. Rocket Royale has single, duo, and trio modes. You will get rewards, xp, avatars, and hammers. An amazing battle royale game that is often considered a doppelganger to Fortnite. Build your Rocket and escape from the island, or else you need to kill all the enemies in the zone. A Fortnite-inspired battle royale game that’s become one of the best mobile battle royale games.

These are our top 10 battle royale games to play in 2023. Play these games to get the best experience in action-oriented video games. We will be back with more gaming listicles soon.

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