The Most Difficult and Rewarding Challenges in Lords of the Fallen



Difficult challenges in Lords of the Fallen grants the best rewards. So, discover the challenging missions and their objectives from our guide here.

Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy RPG. An intriguing adventure game where stories take place in two different parallel worlds or realms. Play as a Fabled crusader and explore the locations of Axiom and Umbral. Just like its predecessor, LotF has many boss fights and side-quests. To progress in the campaign, you have to complete these non-optional missions.

There are many difficult challenges in the game. The most difficult challenges of Lords of the Fallen require the best weapons, skills, spells and status effects. You have to form a powerful build for your class to tackle elite enemies. Slaying high-level monsters is the best way to unlock exclusive rewards, resources, currency and more. So, find out the difficult challenges of Lords of the Fallen and ways to complete them from our guide.

Lords of the Fallen Difficult Challenges Guide & Walkthrough

Every challenge is important in the game. Main story quests of Lords of the Fallen have many objectives where you meet NPCs. With the best weapons and armor sets, countering enemies is easier. Discover the difficult challenges in Lords of the Fallen sequel along with objectives here,

Lords of the Fallen Difficult Challenges
Boss in Lords of the Fallen

The Sundered Monarch 

You can find this beast in Bramis Castle. This devout monarch is weak against blood and smite attacks. Use a melee weapon like a dagger or hammer to overcome this enemy. Once you defeat the Sundered Monarch, claim rewards like Remembrance of the Sundered Monarch, Umbral Scouring and Vestige Seed.

The Hushed Saint – You will counter the Hushed Saint in the starting stages of the game. The boss comes mounted on a steed in Forsaken Fen. It uses a Halberd and a powerful shield. Use a ranged weapon and radiant spells. Burn and Bleeds effects are highly recommended. Remembrance of the Hushed Saint, Umbral Scouring and Vestige Seed will be your rewards.

Abbess Ursula 

A powerful monster from Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. This secondary boss is located near the Vestige of Rosamund. You can use weapons that deal Physical damage. Abbess Ursula is weaker to burned effects. It will unleash Divine Beam, a powerful long-range holy damage attack. 

You can dodge or parry all attacks. You can block other attacks or sprint as well. After completing the challenge, you can unlock Abbess Armor Set pieces, Abbess Staff, Vestige Seed and Weeping Abbess Mitre.

Holy Bulwark Otto  

You can find this secondary boss in Defiled Sepulchre. Use Physical damage type weapons along with bleed effects. This boss will use its weapons and perform a 360° swing attack. It will also punch and sweep. You can block all major attacks with a powerful sword or dagger.

Brothers of Mournstead 

This is one of the most challenging quests in the game. Travel to Vestige of Betrayed Eliard and reach Fitzroy’s Gorge to start this quest. You have to speak to the NPC, Drustan. The task is to find Drustan’s brother, Melchior.

Drustan will reveal he missed his brother in a battle and then collapsed down. He will further ask for your help to find his brother. You will have to meet him again in Lower Calrath. This  quest will be longer and it will end once you reach the Bramis Castle. Complete the challenge and earn Wheezing, Melchior’s Ring, Boar’s Head and Shield. Drustan will drop some armor set items as well.

Find the Thief 

This side-quest is all about finding missing pendants of Byron’s lover. Travel to Sunless Skein and then meet Byron near Vestige of Catrin. Inquire about the missing pendant from the NPC and begin the quest. Catrin lost the pendant earlier and is now a Lampbearer. You have to find the Pendant and report to Byron.

Go to Revelation Depths and meet another NPC named Winterberry. You can enquire about the Missing Pendant to him. Collect the pendant from Winterberry and travel to the hub in Skyrest Bridge and meet Byron. This will complete the quest. Your rewards will be Celebration Gesture and Vestige Seed.

In Lords of the Fallen sequel, these six difficult challenges will be available in the first set of chapters. Complete these to unlock new stories and free rewards. You can kickstart your campaign in Lords of the Fallen from these simple tips.


Does Lords of the Fallen Have Cross-play?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen Sequel supports crossplay platform feature between PC and Consoles. But it doesn’t support the same between console and console. It’s expected that a full-fledged crossplay feature will be rolled out soon by the makers of Lords of the Fallen.

Does Lords of the Fallen Have Cross-progression?

No, Lords of the Fallen doesn’t have cross-progression. So, you can only play on a single platform every time. But there are plans to incorporate cross-progression and it will be soon revealed by the makers.

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