Tales of Crestoria Character Tier List – Best Characters (October 2022)


It is difficult to choose from all the characters available in the Tales series. However, we have ranked the Tales of Crestoria character in a tier list according to their strength so that you can use them and win battles easily.

The Tales Series is a 25-year-old franchise with the first game, Tales of Phantasia, released in 1995. Since then there have been 16 main series games with multiple spin-offs.

Tales of Crestoria is the mobile version of the series. It brings back many fan favourite characters and also introduces some new ones. 


Tales of Crestoria is an epic anime-style RPG set in the original Tales world. It has the classic elements of a JRPG. The blend of turn-based combat with a dramatic storyline is an unforgettable experience. The new characters are a great addition to the game. Some fan favourite characters are also obtainable. Here is the tier list of all the Tales characters.

Tales of Crestoria S+ Tier Characters

These are the best characters in the game. They are a few of the overpowered characters.

VelvetMartial ArtsWindBuffs allies attack + Martial Arts
LeonDual BladesDarkBuffs allies attack  + Dual Blades
Kanonno (Greatsword)LongswordWaterBuffs allies attack, longsword + HP
Kohaku (Garden Party)Martial ArtsFireAllies +HP, Martial Arts type +10 OL
StahnSwordFireBuffs allies attack
Leon (Armed with Friendship)Dual BladesFireBuffs allies attack  + Dual Blades
Asbel (Count Asbela)SwordDarkWater Element + attack

Tales of Crestoria S Tier Characters

These are also some of the best characters but they are not as strong as the ones above.

ReidSwordFireFire element characters recover HP and reset cooldown
Velvet (Showstopper)Martial ArtsFireBuffs allies attack + Martial Arts
MillaSwordLightLight Element +HP
RitaArtesWaterBuffs allies Attack + water
LudgerDual BladesDarkBuffs allies Attack + Dark
KohakuMartial ArtsWindAllies +HP, Martial Arts type +10 OL
DhaosArtesLightLight Element +HP
RuteeSwordWaterAllies +HP, Martial Arts type +10 OL
Kanonno (Summer)LongswordWindBuffs allies Attack (+ water)
tales of crestoria
Characters from Tales of Crestoria (gematsu)

Tales of Crestoria A Tier Characters

These are some of the great characters in the games.

KongwaiArtesLightBuffs attack and defence of light allies
AsbelSwordWaterWater Element + attack
CressSwordEarthBuffs allies Attack
Yuri (Summer)SwordDarkimmunizes allies (status effect), Earth-type + attack
JudeMartial ArtsLightLight type + HP
ChronosMartial ArtsDarkallies +HP, light element + attack
Rita (Waitress)ArtesEarthBuffs allies Attack + water
ZelosSwordWindBuffs allies Attack + water
Zelos (Love’s Fool)SwordDarkBuffs allies Attack + water
MisellaArtesFireBuffs allies Defense
MikleoStaffWaterBuffs allies Attack + water
EdnaMartial ArtsLightBuffs earth attack
KanataLongswordLightBuffs allies Attack
LukeSwordFireFire Element +HP

Tales of Crestoria B Tier Characters

These characters are not that good and use them only if you have no other option.

SoreySwordWindBuffs wind characters Defense
YuriSwordEarthimmunizes allies (status effect), Earth-type + attack
Estelle (Halloween)Martial ArtsWaterStaff characters +HP, light characters + defence
VeigueLongsworldEarthimmunizes allies (status effect), Earth-type + attack
LloydDualbladesEarthEarth allies +Defense
ViciousGunDarkIncreases allies HP
SophieMartial ArtsWaterimmunizes allies (status effect), Earth-type + attack
AegisSpearWaterWater and Knight type + Defense

Tales of Crestoria C Tier Characters

These are the absolute worst characters. We don’t recommend that you use them.

EstelleStaffLightStaff characters +HP, light characters + defence
ColetteArtesLightStaff characters +HP, light characters + defence
YunaArtesWindStaff characters +HP, light characters + defence
MieuArtesFireFire Element +HP

This was our tier list for Tales of Crestoria. Apart from this, some individual characters have the best stats. Velvet has the best attack, Aegis has the best defence and Vicious has the best HP.

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