Super Smash Flash Tier List – Best Characters August 2023


With the help of the Super Smash Flash Tier List, you will be able to find out the best characters in the game. This will surely make you strong.

A player’s objective in Super Smash Flash is to knock their opponents off the screen. Instead of a health bar, players are given a percentage counter that increases as they take damage. Each character is an iconic video game character. 

With each button, players will also be able to perform special moves. As the games are fan-made, they feature their own gameplay mechanics and characters that don’t appear in the official game. By virtue of the fact that they are not clones, they have playable content, both stages, and characters, that aren’t in the original series.

Super Smash Flash gameplay
Super Smash Flash gameplay

Characters only had five attacks each in the original Super Smash Flash, which were activated by pressing the “P” key and an arrow key together, and some had an additional attack while jumping as well. Unlike its predecessor, Super Smash Flash 2 offers controls that are much closer to those of the official games. Besides offering keyboard support, SSF2 supports external game controllers and other gaming devices, such as smartphones.

30 characters are included in the first Super Smash Flash game. These characters represent a wide range of media, including anime, manga, and fan-made works in addition to video games. Many of these characters must be “unlocked” in various ways, just like in the Super Smash Bros. series. To know the best characters in the game, read our Super Smash Flash Tier List below. 

Super Smash Flash Tier List 

S Tier

SheikThe Legend of Zelda
ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda

A Tier

Captain FalconF-Zero
FalcoStar Fox
FoxStar Fox
MarthFire Emblem
SoraKingdom Hearts

B Tier

KrystalStar Fox
LinkThe Legend of Zelda
Mega ManMega Man
Meta KnightKirby
PitKid Icarus
RyuStreet Fighter
Zero Suit SamusMetroid
Super Smash Flash gameplay
Super Smash Flash gameplay

C Tier

Donkey KongDonkey Kong
SandBagSuper Smash Bros.

D Tier

Bandana DeeKirby
Black MageFinal Fantasy
GokuDragon Ball
IsaacGolden Sun
LuffyOne Peace

If you want to play with the strongest character in the game, then you must take a look at the above-tier list. We cannot promise that the characters on our list will satisfy your requirements, so consider a few other options before deciding which one is best for you. Lower-tier characters should still be tested after the top-tier character.

More about the game

Single-player modes in the original game include Classic, Adventure, and All-Star modes after unlocking the entire roster. A variety of mini-games and challenges are available in Stadium, such as Target Test where players must destroy eight targets using the abilities of each character, or Multi-Man Melee in which players must defeat grey-shaded versions of the playable roster.

Players may fine-tune their playing abilities in Training Mode by setting a number of their own settings. Standard multiplayer matches are available in Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2, both against players nearby and against AI-controlled opponents with different degrees of difficulty. With only one multiplayer mode and two human players per match, the original game was very limited by its software Flash compatibility. The last two slots were filled exclusively by computer players.

Super Smash Flash gameplay
Super Smash Flash gameplay

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