Summoners War Chronicle Reroll Guide – How to Get the Best Characters?



Are you looking for the Summoners War Chronicle Reroll Guide, then here is the best ways for the same. Also find out which characters you should aim for!

Summoners War Chronicle is one of the best action RPG MMORG games in the recent times. The game is compatible for both iOS and Android users. The monsters are the frontline characters of the game and there are hundreds of monsters available right now. Taking place in the exotic locations of Summoners war, the game is intriguing and entertaining.

Now here’s the Summoners War Chronicle Tier List and Reroll guide for the players along with the best monsters. By going through the Summoners War Chronicle, you will be able to select and play the best monsters in the game.

Summoners War Chronicle Reroll Guide

Every gamer always loves to go for the extra push in the game. As with a single chance no player would be satisfied. Now let’s see how the players of Summoners War Chronicle can use Reroll feature.

  • Download Summoners War: Chronicle in Google Play Store
  • Login to the game as a guest, which means you must sign-in without providing the account credentials
  • Finish the tutorial
  • Summon the best characters on the following screen

This is how the Reroll feature for Summoners War Chronicle is being used by the players. If you fail in the first attempt, then delete the game data and log out from the game, and then sign-in as a guest. It’s always recommended that players must proceed with S Tier characters in Summoners War Chronicle to yield the best results.

Summoners War : Chronicle Tier List – How to Get the Best Characters

Summoners War Gameplay
Summoners War Gameplay

To get the best characters of Summoners War Chronicle, you need to know the best monsters of the game which are placed in the top tier list. The S Tier and A Tier Monsters are the best characters in the game, the other Tier monsters range from average to below average as they don’t have much of these stats.

How to Get the Best Characters in Summoners War: Chronicle?

Getting and playing with the best characters is completely in the players’ hands. As the game has 5 Tiers and over 400 monsters, choosing the top tier monsters which have the best skills, stats and scoring rates will be the key to progress in the game, and obviously preferring the top tier monsters is the only way to get the best and powerful characters of Summoners War Chronicle.

Obviously many players of Summoners War Chronicle always love to pull the S Tier monsters as they boast incredible skills and abilities which are dream for other Tier monsters.

Best Monsters in Summoner War: Chronicle


Camilla is one of the best S Tier monsters that players of Summoners War Chronicle use regularly. She’s a water valkyrie and a five-star monster. Camilla unleashes her beast mode for the PvP battles. As her elemental damage is incredible, a knight type monster which can easily trigger water expansion. Get the base form of Camilla from the gacha.


Another 5-star monster character which is specialized at healing skills. The HP for chasun is her best skill, she’s a wind sky dancer with the best active ability for AoE damage. Also chasun has amuse as her first passive ability which helps her at longer ranging damage and attacks.

Summoners War
Summoners War


The best monster from the game and arguably the fans favorite is Baretta. Get the Baretta character from the gacha, a fire sylph that’s extremely powerful for AoE targeted damage. Baretta is mostly used for PvE attacks as it possesses damage powers are incredible. Turbulence is his passive ability and ultimate flying phoenix is his active ability which gives Baretta with the best AoE targeted ranging attacks.


The best character from the A Tier List in Summoners War Chronicles, the water polar queen is a highly rated monster. Expect Alicia to be in the list of A Tier monsters very soon. The ultimate frost and midnight storm are the strengths of Alicia which are also her active abilities in the game as they help her to bring out the best AoE damage burst.


Another strong monster which has the potential to be placed in the S Tier of Summoners War Chronicles, Anavel the water occult girl plays the supporting role primarily. Anavel has her strengths in HP and AoE damage dealing.

Other Power Characters to Use in Summoners War Chronicles

As the game has over 400 monsters, the top 5 characters have been listed above. Here are the other powerful monsters in the game that players can use for the battle.

  • Fran
  • Lushen
  • Vanessa
  • Akhamamir
  • Charlotte
  • Dark Homunculus
  • Lyn
  • Theomars
  • Belladeon
  • Kro,
  • Velajuel
  • Rica
  • Taor
  • Megan
  • Zaiross
  • Skogul
  • Talia

These are the other best characters in Summoners War Chronicles, all the monsters of the game are obtained from the game’s gacha.

Players also need to understand the game’s mechanism and the gacha system to summon and get the best characters. Picking the best Monsters from the Top Tier will be the best way to get the best characters from Summoners War Chronicles.

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