Street Fighter Duel Tier List – All Characters Ranked (September 2023)



Check our Street Fighter Duel tier list to know the best fighters in the game. You can win every battle with the help of these characters.

Street Fighter: Duel is an action role playing game from the makers of A Plus Japan. The game includes light strategy RPG and card battling mechanics and some of the popular characters like Chin-Li, Ken, and Ryu have returned. The goal of Street Fighter is to become the strongest fighter among your counterparts. You can take part in battles, complete new missions, and join world fighting tournaments against challenging players. Street Fighter Duel also has auto-battle mode and you can simply relax back on the couch and watch your players battling in the arena.

You need to dispatch your fighters and complete PvE and PvP battles to progress faster in the game. You can recruit new heroes, train them, and unleash them in the arena. Climb up rankings and get new rewards every week. Overall, Street Fighter is an action RPG with light strategy along with card and clicker game gameplay mechanics included. To fight against your enemies in the arena, you need to equip the best heroes of Street Fighter. Here’s our Street Fighter Duel Tier List along with the most powerful characters in the game.

Street Fighter: Duel Tier List

  • S Tier – The best fighters in Street Fighter Duel belong to this tier. Recruit them to win every combat.
  • A Tier – A Tier fighters are powerful and can be a great choice for both PVE and PVP battles in Street Fighter Duel.
  • B Tier – B Tier fighters can be powerful at times and weaker sometimes. They need more upgrades to increase their stats in Street Fighter Duel.
  • C Tier – The average fighters in Street Fighter Duel belong to this tier and you can just ignore them
SMad Ryu, Guile, Dhalsim, Elena, Juri
ABeast Zangief, Poison, Rose, Chun-Li, Mayor Cody, Adon, Elena, T. Hawk
BC. Viper, Balrog, Dudley, Makato, Ken, Ryu, Abel, Yun
CE. Honda, Seth, Blanka, Zangief, Guy, Feilong, Yang

Street Fighter Duel – Best Fighters

Here are the best and most powerful in-game characters to use in battles of Street Fighter Duel.

Mad Ryu

A top-tier fighter with incredible skills and powerful defense is the best option for every battle. Mad Ryu has high HP and defensive stats and can also attack from long range. Overall, Mad Ryu is one of the most powerful fighters in Street Fighter Duel.


The best attacker and a top-tier fighter, Dhalsim is another powerful character in Street Fighter Duel and you utilize Dhalsim with other best combinations.


Elena is the best AoE player and can deal massive damage from any range. She has the best AoE stats and hp so far. Elene is another great pick for both the PvE and PvP battles of Street Fighter Duel.


Juri is a primary attacker and she can attack faster. Utilize her special skills and passive skills to inflict massive damage. Juri can fit into any team combination in Street Fighter Duel.


The iconic character of Street Fighter, Chun-Li is a massive damage dealer and can make it harder for your foes. Chun-Li is your best pick for PvP battles in Street Fighter Duel.

These are the best fighters in Street Fighter Duel to use. You can also use the other best characters from the top-tier lists.

How to Play Street Fighter Duel?

Street Fighter Duel, the massive fighting and action RPG is out on App Store and Google Play Store.  You can also play the game on a PC via an emulator. An incredible fighting game with light strategy and card battling elements that you can download and play for free on your mobile. Use these characters to get the best results in combat of Street Fighter Duel.

With this, our Street Fighter Duel tier list with all the best characters are ranked. We will come back with more Street Fighter Duel updates and guides soon.

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