Duskers Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Find out the best tips and tricks from our guide about Duskers to level up faster in the game and how to get started.

Duskers is a strategy exploration game from the team of Misfits Attic. You take on the role of a drone Operator who’s assigned various tasks. You need to travel through spaceships and other places on a derelict ship. Players need to find fuel, components, and spare parts to upgrade this broken spaceship and other drones. You need to survive against all the odds to restore your spaceships and drones with new components. Overall, Duskers is an incredible space exploration game that also has real-time tactics and roguelike elements. As a beginner in Duskers, you may find it hard to progress. To overcome difficulties, here’s our Duskers guide with some tips, tricks, and strategies to complete the missions.

 Duskers Guide – Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

The game’s concept is to explore, adapt, and survive. You need to fight the enemies and escape from the aliens. As a beginner in Duskers, you need to know the best strategies to complete the missions. Here are some useful tips and tricks for every beginner in Duskers that will help everyone to progress without any hassle.

Complete the Tasks

Complete every task and never miss out on these. The basic and daily tasks in Duskers reward you with more fuel, energy, components, and more. The basic tasks are also simple and easy to complete. Completing the tasks in Duskers is one of the best strategies and tricks to progress faster. You will also unlock a maximum amount of rewards for completing these tasks in the game. The basic step to kickstart your journey in Duskers is to complete daily tasks and other challenges that keep coming regularly on the game.

Understand Everything

Before playing Duskers, you need to understand the concepts and storyline. Again there are many features and mechanics, you need to know everything about the game to succeed. Duskers is a complicated space adventure game and knowing the concepts is a mandatory thing to do before you start playing. Even if you lose in the initial stages of Duskers, you can go ahead without worrying.


Fuel is an essential resource in Duskers. Without fuel, you won’t be able to ride a drone or spaceship. Don’t waste fuel and always try to maximize it. Complete big tasks and other missions to get more fuel. Having more fuel in your tank will automatically increase your winning margin. And with fuel, you can travel on spaceships to visit systems and derelicts regularly. You can always get more fuel from the fuel access points. You can also buy fuel from auto traders.  Both P-fuel and J-fuel are required to board a ship. You need to get them in more. numbers to progress faster in the game.


Whenever you get new items like gear and other components, you need to upgrade your ships. Upgrading the ships regularly will help you to travel faster. Complete tasks and get new components to upgrade your ships every time. Once your resources and equipment are upgraded, your enemies won’t be able to get closer to you. Upgrade everything regularly to level up and complete tasks quickly in the game.

Duskers Guide

Collect Free Components 

You will get free components for your ships and drones while traveling across the universe. You can check on the galaxy, rooms, and other random places to find spare parts, Scrap, ship upgrade items, and more. Collect them whenever you find one. You just need to search for free items and components on the map in Duskers to get them.

Fuel Consumption

Whenever you are about to board a ship, make sure that the ship doesn’t require more fuel. You can also choose ships that consume only one fuel. This is one of the best strategies to save fuel and level up faster in the game. If you follow this tip, you will automatically save more fuel. Getting fuel is not easy in Duskers and you need to find ways to save them for important uses.

Duskers Guide
Duskers mission

Reset and Restart

When you find yourself in a tricky situation, you can always reset and restart Duskers from the start. Reset is one of the best features in Duskers and this will also help you to analyze your mistakes and rectify them. But make sure to not do this every time, as a beginner you can reset and start from stage 1, but once you progress in Duskers, reset is not recommended.


Aliases are one of the best features in Duskers that will help you to overcome difficulties. There are a variety of custom aliases, find them and use these aliases commands which are also the key and shortcuts to succeed in Duskers. And as a beginner, these aliases commands will be effective for you. You can quickly board a ship, close the doors, and enter a new room without struggling much.

Travel More

Whenever you return from a derelict ship or house, you will get more fuel and energy. Use this opportunity to travel across the galaxy and find more components for your spaceships. You need to explore every spot to find more fuel and components for your ships and drones. This is another best strategy to level up faster in Duskers.

Avoid Killing 

Killing enemies is not the right strategy in Duskers. You need to figure out more options to escape from enemies that spawn in the galaxy. You can simply attack them and move from the spot immediately. Killing won’t benefit you in anyways and it sometimes will land you in trouble. Attack and reduce your enemies’ health and energy to avoid getting unwanted damage.

Lose and Learn

Duskers is not easy, especially for beginners. A complicated sci-fi space exploration game where you must understand all the mechanics, concepts, and gameplay elements to survive in the galaxy. Some simple tips and tricks for Duskers include switching to overlay schemes from both ships and drones regularly. Avoid staying in room vents. Avoid entering all ships and drones. Closing doors and opening airlock. Picking the best guns and weapons. All these can be other strategies for Duskers. Never worry about losing and playing consistently are the key to succeed in this stunning space exploration game, Duskers.

Our Duskers guide with the best tips and strategies is shared here. Follow these tricks to become a pro player in Duskers. We will come back with more Duskers updates and guides soon.

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