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In SteamWorld Build, players take on the role of building and managing a mining town in order to escape a dying planet. They must gather resources both above and below ground, trade with other citizens, and defend their mines from dangerous creatures. This game combines the elements of city building and resource management with a unique twist of underground exploration and combat. 

Developed by Thunderful and internal studio The Station, SteamWorld Build is the latest addition to the SteamWorld series. It has previously explored different genres such as platform mining, tactical turn-based gameplay, and card-based role-playing. In this article, we will be discussing everything about SteamWorld Build so far.

SteamWorld Build Release Date and Platforms

The game is being developed for a variety of platforms. The platforms include Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The Steamworld Build release date is not out but it will be available in 2023. The developer is making sure that the gameplay, user interface, and user experience are optimized. This is for both, controllers and mouse and keyboard

SteamWorld Build Story

In SteamWorld Build, players are tasked with constructing a mining settlement in order to uncover essential technology. With this, they will have to flee a planet on the brink of destruction. The player must manage the needs of their inhabitants, trade resources, and protect their mine from subterranean threats. Players must manage the town’s resources and meet the needs of the citizens. This is done by constructing and upgrading buildings, such as mines, houses, and factories. 

They must also defend the town from the creatures that lurk below the surface by building and upgrading defensive structures. The game features a unique building system. This allows players to construct and customize their towns in a variety of ways. They can choose from a wide range of building materials and decorations to give their town a unique look and feel.

About the game

In SteamWorld Build, players will take on the role of a town planner. They will be tasked with constructing and expanding a bustling mining town. The goal is to gather resources, both above and below ground, in order to save the town and its inhabitants from an impending disaster. 

The abandoned mine beneath the town holds the key to escaping the dying planet, and players must use their knowledge of resource management and city-building to excavate the mine and uncover ancient technology. As they progress, they will also have to contend with mine-dwelling monsters and keep their steambot citizens fed and entertained.

As the town grows, you’ll need to manage the needs and wants of the various steamfolk that make it their home. To keep everyone happy, you’ll need to optimize the productivity of your buildings, resources, and supply chain. This can be achieved by upgrading equipment, increasing mining speed, and trading with other towns. The choices are endless and it’s all up to you to lead your steamfolk to prosperity.

High level of Detail and Charming Experience in the Game

The game offers a high level of detail, providing a charming experience for players. From the robo dogs exploring their wooden homes to the cactus scarecrows swaying in the wind as small green spiky cucumbers are transported behind them on a conveyor belt to be mashed and pulped in a water press. The LED signs and the sound of whirring machine parts in the service shops add to the lively atmosphere, with bots weaving in and out of warehouse couriers. The game offers plenty of desert-themed decorations, but it would be more engaging if these decorations contribute to the overall happiness of the workers, rather than just being for cosmetic purposes.

Worker Needs and Happiness

In order for the workers of SteamWorld Build to be happy and profitable, a variety of requirements must be satisfied. The player must make sure that the workers are kept pleased by putting their preferred businesses and services near to where they live. For example, general bots would prefer to be near marketplaces and cactus farms, while engineers would prefer to be near saloons, tool shops, survey offices, and moonshine distilleries. The player must also ensure that there are roads connecting all these areas together so that the workers can easily access them.


Proximity and Accessibility

The game’s user interface makes it easy to understand the level of proximity needed by lighting up blue roads and other structures. Players can also track the needs of individual workers by clicking on their homes. In the default balanced mode, it is possible to rearrange the town without any cost penalty, but in the hard mode, there is a cost penalty for removing or relocating buildings.

Structural Integrity

In SteamWorld Build, players must ensure that their mining town is properly supported by building enough pillars to hold up the mine’s ceiling. Failure to do so can result in cave-ins, making it harder for the miner bots to work and clear the way. It is important for players to keep an eye on structural integrity to keep the mining operation running smoothly.

Importance of Safety Measures in mining

It is easy to overlook the importance of safety measures in mining. On several occasions, individuals may have ordered their bots to dig out a large number of tiles while they attend to other tasks on the surface, only to return and find an ominous rumbling and new rocks on the ground. Although no damage to the structures built underground has been reported, there is a potential for a cave-in rock to cause destruction if miners are left unattended. This risk becomes greater when the miners have to fend off monsters at the same time.

Pillars are relatively inexpensive to construct and can serve as both a safety measure and underground living quarters in mining operations. The placement of tiles must be strategically laid out to attract more miners, prospectors, and mechanics in each layer. Initially, miners can only dig out dirt and basic minerals. However, once a tools shop is built in the town above, they can use pickaxes to access more valuable resources. 

For extracting scrap metal and water veins, dedicated drills and accompanying mechanics are required. The management of these limited spaces can be challenging, but the game provides ample time for players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics before introducing more advanced challenges.


Well-Paced Interplay between Surface and Underground Operations

The interplay between surface and underground operations in the game is well-paced and thoughtfully designed. The gold and rubies mined can be spent on items that enhance production on the surface. These items rotate every couple of minutes when the next train shipment comes through the town’s station. 

The number of mechanics in the city also determines the speed at which players can unlock more mining capabilities. For example, players may have wondered why the bridge option was grayed out in the toolbar, but it may be that they have not yet attracted enough engineers to their town to unlock it. This information is provided to the players when they hover their mouse over the build icon.

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