Saturnalia Guide – 10 Things You Should Know


If you are new to Saturnalia then you must be missing out on lots of things. Read the Saturnalia Guide to learn everything.

This Halloween, one of the most epic horror games that you can try is Saturnalia.  While it might seem like a typical ‘hide from monster chasing you kind of game,’ the intensity and the spookiness of this game are what make it worth it. 

The game has several features such as multiple characters which can be captured, killed, or rescued. Furthermore, a phone-based fast travel system in the game allows you to swap into one of those characters thus providing alleyways between major locations. Here are 10 tips that can help you in surviving through this game this Halloween season. 

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Saturnalia Guide: Inspiration 

This game is inspired by folklore from the region of Sardinia in Italy. It also brings in rich culture and heritage for you to discover. One thing that you might want to try is to look up the folktale on which this game is based on

Notice the sound

When you first start the game, you will be given a brief introduction about the creature that lurks around in the alleyways of the town. Do notice the harrowing clicking sound that you hear. This sound will be your guide to approaching the creature trying to prey on you. 

Saturnalia Guide: Characters

There are four main characters in the game. You will be taking the role of Anita after the small cutscene which shows the POV of the creature. With Anita, you would have to find your way around the town through the dark alleys and try not to be preyed on by the creature. 

Special Abilities

When Anita finds her way through the Villa, she tries to look for Paul. That’s when a small section opens in the game which will unfold the rest of the storyline. Anita has her own special ability and so do all the other three characters. Make sure to use those abilities which will help you in solving puzzles and helping the residents. 

There is no map

The game does not give you a map so it might be confusing for you to track your way around. Given it’s a survival horror game, do try exploring and interacting with the things around you. The city walls consist of layouts that will make it easier for you to navigate. 

Saturnalia Guide: Missions

The missions might seem hard especially when you are with Anita, trying to make her way to Paul using the mines. This one mission will help you sort out the basic understanding of the game. Do use the resources at your disposal carefully which you might come across in that area.


Use other characters

Your character might be caught by the monster which is when you would need to use the other characters for rescuing the ones caught. If all the characters are caught, the game is basically over. 

Look for resources

The game needs you to continuously look for resources in order to complete the tasks and objectives in hand. Be it a tool to access new areas, unlock items, or consumables for boosts, be sure to use them effectively.

Use your brain

You might feel like you would need a weapon to battle out the monster. However, you have nothing instead of your matchstick to help you in the dark. So it is just a matter of brain games and hiding against the monster. All other items are solely for mission purposes 

Be careful

Lastly, Saturnalia can be quite an overwhelming experience for gamers and might seem easy at the start. Do not take the start as a hint that the game will go easy on you because it won’t. Be sure to make use of everything at your disposal. And lastly, enjoy playing this game.

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