“Every Screen is an Xbox” – Sarah Bond Reveals the Future of Xbox



What did Sarah Bond say about the future of Xbox? Is the new Call of Duty releasing soon? Find out everything about Xbox and its future plans.

Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox has been a proactive player at Microsoft. She’s been a revelation for Xbox and has made some tactical decisions over the years. Right now, Sarah Bond along with Phil Spencer and Matt Booty had an internal meeting regarding the future of Xbox. Besides confirmation about a new Call of Duty game in October 2024, they have also indicated that Xbox will potentially appear on every screen.

The main agenda of this meeting between executives of Microsoft including Sarah Bond is to discuss the vision of Xbox as they planned to incorporate a new Xbox console in the near future. What’s more surprising is that Palworld appeared on every screen including tablets and handheld devices. This is another sign that Sarah Bond has path breaking ideas and she’s actively working to take the reach of Xbox to another level.

Sarah Bond on Xbox Future, New Call of Duty and More

The goal of Microsoft is to make Xbox the numero uno cross-play platform. Sarah Bond has revealed “Every Screen is an Xbox” and further affirmed that Xbox will be launched for multiple devices in the future. The Xbox multi-device idea was already hinted by the vice president of Microsoft in 2020 and their plans will be fruition.

To embark on their vision of Xbox, the team has decided to showcase Palworld on all platforms including TV, Monitors and Tablets. Palworld has just created numerous records on platforms as even the full version of the game is yet to be launched.

As the Xbox podcast meeting between various executives of Microsoft was confidential, there is no clarity on other things. More information regarding Xbox new hardware, console games, and their new strategies will be revealed officially in the coming days. There’s been a rumor that some Xbox games will be shifted to PlayStation 5, but no proper information is available currently.

Sarah Bond

Another podcast between Xbox excecutives will be held soon and we can expect more about the vision of Xbox. But fans can surely experience all Xbox games on TV screens, Monitors, Tablets and Handheld devices very soon.

New Call of Duty on Xbox

Amid all rumors, the executives further confirmed that a new Call of Duty game will be released for Xbox in October 2024. The new COD game is under the production stage and more details about this game will be divulged once the next Xbox podcast meet is done. Call of Duty is one of the top-rated and highest grossing shooter games and a new action game from this franchise will be delightful news for fans.

That’s everything you need to know about Xbox’s future, vision of Sarah Bond and the new Call of Duty game.

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