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Do you want to unlock the best skills for Path to Nowhere Horo? Check our guide and find the best skills for the A-ranked Sinner.

Path to Nowhere is a mind-blowing RPG and tactical battle game. Here, players take on the role of Sinners and defeat monsters in team-based battles. There are challenges in story and feature mode. There will be frequent events in Path to Nowhere which allow players to arrest new Sinners to their squad. In Path to Nowhere, players can use Warrant, an in-game resource to summon new sinners.

Be it S ranked sinner or A ranked sinner, you have to spend the required resources. The new A-ranked Hero, Horo, is one of the strongest sinners that can excel in offense and defense as well. Horo can heal other sinners and increase their HP. Horo is a main member of the Legion and a firm follower of the faction’s leader, Zoya.

Players can summon Horo by spending Warrant. If you don’t have enough Warrant, you can spend Hypercubes or Ultracubes to complete the Arrest. Horo is a versatile sinner and you can utilize her skills based on her playing style. Horo uses a Heavy Axe and deals heavy damage. Her skills will enhance at each stage of Shackles. Her kit includes some powerful passive and ultimate skills. Here’s all about Path to Nowhere Horo build, skills and abilities.

Path to Nowhere Horo
Path to Nowhere Horo

Path to Nowhere Horo Skills & Abilities 

Horo’s skills will enhance her damage and defense. Horo can be played at a maximum level of 90. Here are the best skills to use for Path to Nowhere Horo,

Heavy Axe – Normal ATK 

Horo wields a heavy axe and deals 103% physical damage from her base ATk damage every time. This skill works in range. Heavy Axe grants a maximum damage of 185% at level 10

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The Ultimate ability for every sinner is required to slay elite monsters. Earthquake can be activated using 35 energy and this core DMG skill allows Horo to strike with all her might. It also reduces the damage Horo receives by 30%. Horo will deal 600% of her ATK as physical damage and 1 core DMG to enemies in her range. The Earthquake skill increases damage up to 1080% at level 10

Strength Battle Mark

Horo activates the Battle Mark every 6 times she attacks a target. The activated mark will reduce damage taken by 13%. This passive skill also turns Horo’s third normal attack to sweep attack by dealing massive physical damage to targets within a 3×2 area. The effects will not work if Hork fails to deal damage within 6 seconds.


The second passive skill of Horo allows her to restore 2% of her max HP whenever she’s hit by Sweep. Devour skill is effective against 6 enemies at a time

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Path to Nowhere Horo – Build and Strategy Guide 4

Rebirth – Mania Intensify

The special passive feature increases healing received by 10%

Horo’s Shackle

  • Stage 1 – Decimate – If Battle Mark lasts longer, Hero will get an additional 20% Physical Penetration
  • Stage 2 – Shackles Sync I : Damage will increase by 5%
  • Stage 3 – Plunder : Gains 1 extra energy when Sweep is used
  • Stage 4 – Emotional Resonance: Ultimate Energy consumption will reduce by 3 points
  • Stage 5 – Shackles Sync II:  Physical Damage increases by 5%

With these skills and special features, you can unleash the best build for Path to Nowhere Horo. She’s a powerful sinner with high ATK, Hp and Magic Resistance. Spend your resources and arrest this insane magic Sinner and level up fast in the game’s campaign.

How to Earn Warrant in Path to Nowhere?

You can earn unlimited Warrant in Path to Nowhere by completing story quests, redeeming free codes, participating in events, and purchasing it from the in-game shop. Warrant is an integral part of the game and it’s used to arrest all sinners and banners in the game.

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