Genshin Impact Astute Amusement Event 2024 – Date, Rules & Rewards



Do you want to patuli in the Genshin Impact Astute Amusement Event 2024 and earn big rewards? Find out everything about this new Fan Art contest and claim exclusive big rewards.

Genshin Impact 4.4 update just rolled out and the makers launched new world quests and a couple of events as well. With more playable characters, travelers can take part in new quests and maximize their rewards. Yae Miko, the five-star Electro element character has been the talk among all Genshin Impact fans. Also, you can find the best dendro characters here. Right now, players can unlock the Yae Miko banner through the Everbloom Violet character event wish.

The fan art contest featuring Yae Miko has just begun. Travelers have a great chance to claim Primogems and Cash from the makers of Genshin Impact. Astute Amusement, the new HoYoLab community event is scheduled between February 13, 2024 – March 4, 2024. Players can directly join the event by submitting the required details on the HoYoLab website.  

Also, those travelers participating in the Astute Amusement event have to fill other entries on this page. You have to mention your username, share links, and post screenshots. 19 lucky winners will receive cash, primogems, and merchandise gifts as well. Here’s all about the Genshin Impact Astute Amusement event, rewards, and more.

Genshin Impact Astute Amusement Event 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

  • Event Duration – February 13, 2024 – March 4, 2024, 59 (UTC+8)

Travelers who take part in the Astute Amusement in Genshin Impact need to submit their fan arts that was created within the last 3 days. Fan arts created using graphic design tools or copied from other creators will not be allowed. One also has to share pictures and videos of their fan arts while they are in progress, or else, your submission for this Fan Art event will not be accepted.

Genshin Impact Astute Amusement
Yae Miko event

All travelers can submit multiple submissions for the Astute Amusement event and you will receive only one prize for each account. You need to use hashtags like GenshinImpact, #YaeMiko, and #FanArtContest.  The Genshin Impact Astute Amusement event will be held on platforms like Instagram, X(Twitter) and Facebook. So, you can keep posting your works on multiple platforms and increase your chances of winning this fan drawing competition.

If players manage to win on multiple platforms, then the rewards will be distributed based on the first platform they shared. Here’s what you can receive through the Genshin Impact Astute Amusement Fan Art Contest Event for 2024,

  • First Place (1 Winner) – Primogems ×3,000 + USD $500
  • Second Place (3 Winners) – Primogems ×1,000 + USD $200
  • Third Place (5 Winners) – Primogems ×500 + USD $100
  • Lucky Prize For 10 Winners – USD $20 worth of Merchandise Prizes

These are the rewards for the Astute Amusement event in Genshin Impact. Make use of this opportunity and claim big rewards through this fan art event. Travelers who post unwanted content, especially ads or promotional links, will not be eligible. Once HoYoLab announces the winner’s name, players can wait for 7-20 days to receive both Primogems and Cash rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about Astute Amusement in Genshin Impact. While the fan art event featuring Yae Miko has gone live, you can continue to play other world quests and missions as well.

Is Genshin Impact Fan Art Contest Event Worth?

Yes, Fan Art contest are special events held by HoYoLAB Community for Genshin Impact players. Travelers can maximize their in-game rewards and also earn real money by winning big in these events. Fan Art contest is all about showcasing your drawing and creative skills.

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