Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha Event 2024 – Date, Rules & Rewards



Want to win big in the Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha Event? Learn everything about this Fan Art contest and win huge rewards.

Genshin Impact is a world-class 3d anime adventure and action game from Hoyoverse. Here, you play as a traveler who has to explore the regions of Teyvat. You can join with companions, complete quests, and take part in events as well. With new Genshin Impact updates, makers keep unleashing new content and features. The Genshin Impact 4.4 patch update version is live and there are a few events including the Fan Art contest as well.

The Vigilant Yaksha is a new Fan Art event featuring the five-star Anemo character, Xiao. Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha has begun and will be live for a couple of weeks. Travelers can take part in this fan drawing competition event and post their arts. Those deserving winners will claim freebies like Primogems and Cash. Here’s all about Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha event date, rules, prizes and more.

Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha Event 2024

Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha

To take part in the Vigilant Yaksha in Genshin Impact, fans need to submit their details on the HoYoLab page. After completing submissions, you have to fill in other particulars for the fan art event on this page. Travelers have to make their submission accounts and set their account as public.

Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha 2024 is a HoYoLab community event. You can create your fan art featuring Xiao and share it on X (Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram by using hashtags including #GenshinImpact, #Xiao, and #FanArtContest. As you post Xiao fan-made pics on multiple platforms, it’s essential to follow the protocols. Hoyoverse doesn’t encourage other promotional works, ads, plagiarised works, and unwanted content. Entries created within the last month will be eligible for the Vigilant Yaksha in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha event

Travelers can share their pictures and videos of their art while the work is in progress to ensure credibility. Overall, 19 winners are eligible to win big in the Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha event for 2024,

  • First Prize – Primogems ×3,000 + USD $500
  • Second Prize (3 Winners) – Primogems ×1,000 + USD $200
  • Third Prize (5 Winners) – Primogems ×500 + USD $100
  • Lucky Prize for 10 Winners – USD $20 worth of Merchandise Prizes

These are the rewards and rules for the Genshin Impact Vigilant Yaksha event in 2024. Travelers who meet the requirements and submit their best works will be rewarded. The results of Genshin Impact Xiao’s Fan Art Contest 2024 will be revealed on March 18, 2024. Once the winners are announced, Primogems will be rewards to players’ accounts within 20 working or business days. Also, cash rewards for travelers will be directly delivered to their PayPal account.

That’s everything you need to know about Vigilant Yaksha in Genshin Impact. The new world quests are out for this season. Embark on a new journey in Genshin Impact 4.4 with new playable characters and claim exclusive rewards as well.

Is Genshin Impact Fan Art Contest Event Worth?

Yes, Fan Art contest are special events held by HoYoLAB Community for Genshin Impact players. Travelers can maximize their in-game rewards and also earn real money by winning big in these events. Fan Art contest is all about showcasing your drawing and creative skills.

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