Rise of Eros Reroll Guide – Top 5 Characters to Use



If you are looking for the Reroll guide and the best characters to use on Rise Of Eros, here is our complete guide.

Rise of Eros holds the special privilege of being the world’s first AAA adult mobile with 3D. The game has a Mythological setup with many Mythology based characters. Developers Shadow Studio made sure that this 3D game is visually appealing. The two Deities from Eros and Aphrodite embark on the game’s storyline. Being the world’s first AAA adult video game, players have been waiting to play this unique 3D game.

With more civilization developments, there are several newborn creatures along with more deities. Eros has managed to see the limelight, but he’s been barred from entering the ancient relic. All the characters and skins have been designed using highly sophisticated character modeling technology. The goddess in the game is awaiting your entry to explore the regions of Rise of Eros. And due to some strange happenings, Eros is relieved and is all set to conquer the world with a goal and mission.

Rise of Eros Reroll Guide

Rerolling is a common thing that gamers would love to do before they start to play a new game. Likewise, for Rise of Eros, you can complete the Reroll guide easily and summon your favorite SSR characters to use. Here’s how to Reroll for Rise of Eros:

  • First Download and Install Eros Rise from the game’s official website.
  • Log in to the game as a guest
  • Before acquiring your favorite SSR hero make sure to finish both the tutorial and prologue for Rise of Eros
  • Now you can all summon the best SSR character to use on Rise of Eros

That’s it, this is how you can complete the Reroll process for Rise of Eros, then finally you can easily procure and summon the most powerful SSR for the game. If you fail to summon the best SSR during your Reroll trial, then delete the game and start from the beginning once again.

Rise of Eros Tier List – Top 5 Characters to Use

Before we reveal the top 5 characters from the game, here’s the Tier list for Rise of Eros, get to know more about the game’s characters here.

SBlood Moon, Harvest Moon, White Rose, Devil Cheesecake
ADazzlebright, Butterfly Dream, Crusader
BTime Keeper, Chaste Justice, New Moon

Top 5 Characters to Use in Rise Of Eros

Rise of Eros has only a limited set of characters and heroes as of now. Yet we have figured out the best characters to use in the game. Here are the Top 5 characters that will help you to win more battles in Rise of Eros.

White Rose

White Rose from the S Tier category is the most powerful character in Rise of Eros. Also known as Cartilla, White Rose is basically an SSR Healer. With her best healing skills and incredible attacking powers, she is recommended every time.

Her basic skills are low on cooldowns, yet that doesn’t make her a weekend troop. You certainly need higher-level weapons when you have White Rose in your squad just to make use of her powerful skills. White Rose is good at dealing damage and AoE recovery for a shorter zone. White Rose’s Basic Attacking skills have the caliber to deal damage over 100% of her ATK. Overall White Rose or Cartilla is a must to have on your team for all the battles in Rise of Eros.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon or the Misaki is an SSR Tanker, a power damage dealer against her enemies. Also, Blood Moon boasts heavy HP skills which are at 6500. Use Blood Moon girl just for her extraordinary defending talent. Blood Moon is one of the best characters that you should be using for every battle of Rise of Eros.

Devil’s Cheesecake

Devil’s Cheesecake or otherwise called Alana is an all-rounder that can fit into any team composition for Rise of Eros as she holds insane stats and numbers for ATK, DEF, and HP. But her weakness is her memory power as she’s basically an amnesiac girl. Alana was brought up to church in her teenage and was raised over there. A resplendent girl who can slay enemies and foes with her swag and charisma. Alana is a mandatory addition to your squad in Rise of Eros.

Butterfly Dream

Butterfly Dream or Eileen is another SSR-ranked character. Eileen’s strength revolves around her HP, ATK, and Crit. Also, she’s one of the game’s Best AoE targeted damage dealers. A pink girl who’s been at her best in recent times. Use Alana for her incredible attacking and HP skills. With more upgrades, Alana is sure to become one of the best characters in the game.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is an incredible Tank with high-voltage skills and powers. An SSR who is already on the list of the game’s best DPS and attacker can be a wonderful addition to your roster. Harvest Moon or otherwise known as the Misaki is also good at dealing buffs to her teammates. She’s grown up overcoming her tantrums and fear of darkness. Overall Misaki is a powerful girl who boasts huge numbers when you speak about stats. And can definitely be your character to use in Rise of Eros.

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