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Are you thinking of playing with the Project Smash Sumo character? Well, you are in luck, because we have the Sumo guide ready for you.

Project Smash is a game that is constantly updating on Roblox, and each character has their own set of skills that are completely unique to them. One prominent example of a powerful character is the Sumo. In contrast to what the majority of people believe, the Sumo character is neither sluggish nor difficult to control. 

This Project Smash Sumo guide provides a detailed look at the move set of the Sumo, describing its advantages and disadvantages, as well as providing guidance on how to apply the most effective control over this powerful character.

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Sumo character gameplay
Sumo character gameplay

Project Smash Sumo Moveset Guide.

1. Palm Barrage

When you use the Sumo’s Palm Barrage, a number of fast hits are released all at once. This provides you with the opportunity to catch your enemies and do a significant amount of damage. One of the most critical things to do in order to take control of the fight is to master the timing of this technique.

2. Headbutt

The Headbutt is a fast and powerful move that pushes the Project Smash Sumo forward and initiates a battle in which both the Sumo and the opponent are caused to be pushed in various directions when they contact each other. When it comes to getting the most out of this action, timing is of the utmost importance.

3. Belly Flop

It is often considered to be one of the most well-known moves that a Project Smash Sumo can perform. It is comprised of a powerful leap that is then followed by a smash that causes the earth to shake. Due to its expansive hitbox, the landing has a distinct advantage and may be utilized effectively in both offensive and defensive strategies.

4. Bear Hug

A Project Smash Sumo can use the Bear hug or Bear hold move to wrestle an opponent, then toss them forward while crushing them in a tight hold. This move is called the Bear Hug. In addition to incorporating a strategic component into the Sumo’s actions, this move also makes it feasible for them to launch an additional attack.

Project Smash Sumo Combos

Combo 1: Belly Flop + 3x M1 + Bear Hug + 3x M1 + Palm Barrage

In the beginning, it is difficult to execute this technique, but with experience, it can turn into a very effective tool. The Belly Flop is the first stroke in a sequence that culminates in the Palm Barrage, which is a devastating attack. For the best possible result, precision and timing are of the utmost importance.

Combo 2: Belly Flop + 3x M1 + Bear Hug + 3x M1 + Headbutt

As was the case with the first combo, this one includes the Headbutt as a final move when the opponent player reaches 90% of their total. The headbutt is the final blow that ensures the battle is over in a definitive manner.

Sumo’s Mobility: Range and Strategy

When you take control of Project Smash Sumo, you will discover that its moves let you get around in ways that are often unexpected. Both the Headbutt and the Belly Slam have a great deal of range, which provides them with an advantage when it comes to closing in on opponents. As long as these movements are used appropriately, they can be quickly transformed into powerful Bear Hugs or precise Palm Barrages, both of which make it simple to land strikes.

Super Jumps with Belly Flop

Sumo character gameplay
Sumo character gameplay

There is a method that is both interesting and practical that you give when you do super leaps with the Belly Flop move. The pattern is seen in the image that is located above. Beginning with the Belly Flop, the move then transitions into a bounce, followed by a super leap, and finally concludes with a significant impact on the ground.

To summarize, to become proficient with the Sumo character in Project Smash, it is necessary to acquire knowledge of its unique moves, master the proper combinations, and create strategies for making strategic use of its mobility. When you first begin your journey with Project Smash Sumo, practice will be of great assistance to you in getting the most out of this powerful character. It is time to take control of the stage, one belly flop at a time.


How does Sumo’s mobility contribute to its strategy in Project Smash?

Sumo’s moves, such as Headbutt and Belly Slam, have significant range advantages, making it easier to close in on opponents. Proper use of these movements allows for quick transformations into powerful Bear Hugs or precise Palm Barrages, enhancing the character’s ability to land strikes.

What is Project Smash Sumo, and how does it differ from other characters in the game?

Project Smash Sumo is a character in the constantly updating game on Roblox, Project Smash. Unlike common perceptions, Sumo is neither sluggish nor difficult to control. Each character in the game has unique skills, and the guide focuses on understanding and mastering Sumo’s abilities.

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