The Pokemon GO Research Tasks and Rewards for November 2022 are here. Learn everything about them in this article below.

A new set of Field Research tasks is now available with rewards. Pokemon Go offers two types of research. Field Research tasks are randomly assigned tasks to trainers – and these tasks and rewards change on a regular basis – at least monthly, sometimes more frequently. Field Research Breakthroughs add further rewards and incentives to the basic Field Research tasks, usually changing monthly. Completing basic Field Research tasks can lead to a Research Breakthrough.

There are special research tasks, which are usually unlocked when the game is updated and are less difficult to keep track of. They are story-driven tasks given by Professor Willow. As these stay in place, until you complete them, they are less time-sensitive than the regular Field Research tasks. Let’s take a look at the Pokemon GO Research tasks, rewards, and more.

Pokemon GO Research Tasks and Rewards

Pokemon Catching Field tasks

Catch 5 PokemonZubatTeddiursaWoobat
Catch 7 PokemonMagikarp
Catch a Dragon-type PokemonDratiniBagon
Catch 3 Ghost-type PokemonGastly
Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather BoostVulpixPoliwagHippopotasSnover
Use 5 Nanab Berries to help Catch PokemonHoundourPoochyena
Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon10 Mega Venusaur Candy
Catch 10 Fire-Type Pokemon10 Mega Charizard Candy
Catch 10 Water-type Pokemon10 Mega Blastoise Candy
Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon10 Mega Pidgeot Candy

Management & Evolution Field tasks

Evolve a PokemonEevee
Power up a Pokemon 3 timesBulbasaurCharmanderSquirtle
Power up a Pokemon 5 timesChikoritaCyndaquilTotodile
Power up a Pokemon 7 timesTreeckoTorchicMudkip
Power up Pokemon 5 Times10 Mega Venusaur / Charizard / Blastoise Candy
Power up Pokemon 5 Times10 Mega Beedrill / Pidgeot Candy
Power up Pokemon 10 Times25 Mega Gengar Candy
Earn 3 hearts with your BuddyPhantump
Battle alongside your Buddy while it’s Adventuring with youMisdreavus
Earn 2 Candy walking with your BuddyBunnelby
Earn 3 Candy walking with your BuddyStunfisk
Take a snapshot of your buddyShuppet
Send 3 Gifts to friendsEkans
Trade a PokemonHaunter
Spin 3 Pokestops or GymsSudowoodo
Spin 5 Pokestops or GymsRalts
Take a Snapshot of a wild PokemonHoppipYanmaMurkrow
Take a snapshot of 2 Ghost-type PokemonDrifloon

Egg Hatching Field tasks

Hatch an EggMantineGloom
Hatch 2 EggsBeldum

Throw Field tasks

Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a rowSpinda
Make 5 Nice ThrowsDunsparce
Make 3 Great ThrowsSnubbullLileepAnorith
Make 3 Great Throws in a rowOnix
Make 3 Excellent ThrowsBeedrill
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a rowGible

Battle Field tasks

Battle in the GO Battle LeagueAriados
Win a three-star raid or higherOmanyteKabuto
Win a raidInkay
Win 5 RaidsAerodactyl

Keep in mind

As you spin Pokestops, you will be given mini-tasks called Pokemon GO Research tasks, sometimes randomly, too. Every PokeStop has one specific field research mission assigned to it every day, and although you can complete a quest more than once per day, each PokeStop will always give you the same quest.

Depending on the quest, the rewards can vary. In order to reach your research breakthrough, you’ll want to complete at least one field research quest per day. There are a number of tasks in Pokemon Go that cover all aspects of the game and are intended to get players to experience as much as possible.

Pokemon GO Research tasks can require you to participate in a raid, a gym, hatch Pokemon eggs, capture particular Pokemon species, or even spin Pokestops, to name a few. A task can sometimes reward you with items, but it can also reward you with rare Pokemon encounters. 

Pokemon GO research tasks are the only way to catch Spinda, for example. Pokemon encountered in this manner can’t escape, so these encounters are also very useful. Niantic rotates tasks and rewards on offer on a monthly basis, so a quest or reward will be retired and replaced by another one at the end of a month.

You can also delete a quest if you decide not to complete it, and catch another by spinning another Pokestop. Additionally, you can complete as many tasks in a day as you like, so be sure to return to a PokéStop once you’ve finished your current one.

Every time you spin the same Pokestop, you’ll receive the same quest – Pokestops update their rewards every night at midnight with set rewards tailored to their location. Therefore, you will need to spin another stop if you desire a new task.


Field Research Breakthroughs & Stamps explained

Pokemon Go has a series of stamps on the field mission screen that total seven stamps. Regardless of how many missions you complete, you are only allowed to earn one stamp per day. This stamp series is designed to last for a week. By reaching the seventh stamped day, you’ll unlock the Research Breakthrough, which is displayed on the screen as the big wrapped parcel from Professor Willow.

The contents of these packages change from month to month, along with other research bonuses and rewards. A Sinnoh or Unova Stone evolution item is also possible to drop from these packages every month. There is also a Pokemon encounter with this ‘research breakthrough’ every month. Pokemon encountered in this way cannot run away, so you have an unlimited number of attempts at catching them.

With patience and Pokeballs, you can keep trying until you get them. Practicing excellent throws and curveball throws in Pokemon Go is also a great place to practice. Moreover, Pokemon caught in this manner will also have naturally high stats – the same as Pokemon encountered in raid battles. In conclusion, this is the best way to capture rare Pokemon.


November 2022 rewards include Shedinja, which can lead to the acquisition of a Shiny Klink. In addition to the Pokemon encounter, each research breakthrough nets you Stardust, XP, and a few other items, such as Sinnoh Stones or Unova Stones that evolve.

So this was everything you needed to know about the Pokemon GO Research Tasks.

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