Pokemon GO Hoopa Raid Guide – Weakness, Counters and More



Here is our Pokemon GO Hoopa Raid Guide where you can find out everything from its weakness and the best counters you should use.

The famous and hardest Hoopa Unbound challenges from Pokémon GO are back in the game once again. To those who haven’t completed the Hoopa Unbound elite raids and those who don’t know how to tackle the Hoopa Pokémon in the game’s raids, let’s see how you can defeat the mighty Hoopa Unbound Pokémon for this new raid.

The Hoopa Unbound raids are all about playing with the best strategy, the Best set of Pokémon, Pokémon Trainers as the Hoopa Unbound boss is highly capable of dealing any damage as it’s a Dark and Psychic Pokémon. Now let’s see how to counter and tussle the Hoopa Unbound in this new elite raid weekend challenge.

Pokemon GO Hoopa Raid Guide – Weakness, Counters, and More

Hoopa Pokemon GO

Mega Scizor

This is the first Pokémon that you may deploy to attack the Hoopa Unbound for the elite raid. As the Hoopa Unbound has always been susceptible to bug and fairy moves, Mega Scizor can be employed for its fury cutter attacks and X-Scissor charging moves it will be difficult for the mighty boss to survive.


Genesect is once again so strong at unleashing the bug moves, so Genesect can be your next Pokémon to counterattack the Hoopa. Go for the bug moves initially so that the boss will become clueless.


Basically, a bug bite that’s explosive in bug attacks can create colossal damage to the Hoopa Unbound Pokémon. Use Pinsir as one of your Pokemon if you are ready to tussle the mighty Hoopa Unbound boss.

Hoopa Unbound Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Hoopa


Another Pokémon that is so effective for any battle, Pheromosa can bring on his bug-attacking skills with his Bug Bite and Bug Buzz. Also, Pheromosa is so good at offensive attacks which will be another potential threat to the Hoopa boss.


Vikavolt is extremely dangerous for Hoopa Unbound, as it can instantly bring out his bug moves and later can counter with its fairy moves. Include Vikavolt Pokémon for all the elite raid challenges as it will bring in the best possible results.

Hoopa Weaknesses

Hoopa has always been vulnerable to bug attacks, especially since they get affected severely when bug moves are used they become double weak and fragile in the end. Also, the fairy moves are another way to tackle and win the Hoopa Unbound Raid challenges in Pokémon Go. Though Hoopa Unbound has many skills including its powerful triple resistance, they tend to become submissive and weaker if they are about to deal with bug attacks and moves.

So it’s always safe and better to take on the Hoopa Unbound Pokémon by exploiting its weakness for these elite raid challenges of the game. Now the Elite Raids have come up again, and all the Pokémon Go players are faced with the hard challenge of defeating the mighty boss once again to prove their mettle in the game.

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