Pokemon Center Crown Zenith has been officially revealed. There are lots of details about it and we have covered everything for you.

Images of the Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box for Pokemon Center have been revealed. Its regular Elite Trainer Box is scheduled for release on January 20th. The included promo is the Lucario VSTAR art rare, which was revealed last night by Japan’s VSTAR Universe. It has not been announced when the Pokemon Center version will be released, but it will probably be the same day.

Crown Zenith
Crown Zenith

What will Crown Zenith offer?

  • There will be over 160 cards,
  • It will feature 3 brand-new Radiant Pokemon. This will include Radiant Charizard, Radiant Charjabug, and Radiant Eternatus.
  • It features 5 Pokemon VMAX.
  • There will be 8 Pokemon VSTAR which will include Zacian VSTAR and Zamazenta VSTAR
  • 17 Pokemon V.
  • There will be 70 cards with special artwork in the new Galarian Gallery. It will include Mewtwo VSTAR, Darkrai VSTAR, and Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR

The Pokemon Center Crown Zenith booster packs are only available through special products. These products will release in staggered installments from January through May. In history, no set will have a longer release period than this one.

All Sets

DateSet NameWhat will it Include
January 20, 2023Crown Zenith Elite Trainer BoxIt will include 10 Crown Zenith booster packs, one special art card featuring Lucario VSTAR, and various gameplay accessories
January 20, 2023Crown Zenith Collection—Regieleki V or Regidrago VIt will include four Crown Zenith booster packs, one promo card and an oversize card featuring Regieleki V or Regidrago V, and one non-V foil promo card
February 17, 2023Crown Zenith Mini TinsIt will include two Crown Zenith booster packs and one sticker sheet
February 17, 2023Crown Zenith Special Collection—Pikachu VMAXIt will include five Crown Zenith booster packs, one etched promo card and one oversize promo card featuring Pikachu VMAX, and one foil promo card featuring Pikachu V
March 17, 2023Crown Zenith TinsIt will include five Crown Zenith booster packs and one full art promo card featuring Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, or Galarian Moltres
April 14, 2023Crown Zenith Pin Collection—Rillaboom, Cinderace or InteleonIt will include three Crown Zenith booster packs; one promo card featuring Rillaboom, Cinderace, or Inteleon; and one corresponding pin
April 14, 2023Crown Zenith Premium Playmat Collection—Morpeko V-UNIONIt will include five Crown Zenith booster packs, four Morpeko V-UNION cards, one Professor Burnet card, one playmat, and one oversize card
May 5, 2023Crown Zenith Premium Figure Collection—Shiny Zacian or Shiny ZamazentaIt will include 11 Crown Zenith booster packs; one etched promo card featuring either Shiny Zacian V or Shiny Zamazenta V; one corresponding Shiny figure and a Shiny pin; and one set of card sleeves

So this was everything you needed to know about Pokemon Center Crown Zenith.

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